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Why should you start decluttering your home?

Residential garage full of clutter

“Less is more,” as the proverbial phrase said in the 1855 poem of Robert Browning entitled “Andrea del Sarto.” Today, there are groups of people who advocate living in a minimalist way as they claim it detaches them from the things they believe are unnecessary. If you want a minimalist lifestyle, you may start it […]

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The Essential Components of a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan

Natural and man-made disasters can disrupt any business operation with barely any warning. Especially in today’s world, where climate change, terrorist attacks, and cyber attacks wreak havoc on precious data and causing millions of dollars’ worth of losses. In anticipation of this, IT professionals have developed disaster recovery (DR) protocols in case any such disaster […]

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Catering for the Self Storage Market with Mesh Enclosures

Self-storage, also known as self-service storage, is becoming a common business model around the world. Unlike warehousing, which requires the storage of large or high volume goods, self-storage focuses more on smaller storage spaces — this may include lockers, containers, or garage-style storage facilities. Self-storage often stores smaller items, such as clothes, toys and accessories. To maximise storage […]

E-Paper Weekly

Project Management: A Guide for Beginners

Managing a team can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. But the right technique and management style can make things easier for you and your organization. If you’re doing project management for the first time, you need to do your research and learn from professionals. This guide will help you get the job […]