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Before Dressing Up Your Exteriors: Preparing Your Walls for Siding Installation

Sidings on a wall

Dressing up your home means focusing your efforts in your exteriors. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by installing siding. This, however, demands that you invest time. This is because installation is for the long term.

Siding installation is not just for aesthetics. It also improves your home’s insulation. But before finally calling a contractor or provider of vinyl siding installation in Lancaster, PA, you need to prepare your walls.

Below are some of the things you ought to do, most of which will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Prepare the surface

The walls are bare, but that does not mean you should install the sidings right away. You need to make sure that the surface is even. That you can do by sanding the surface, whether it’s wood or concrete.

Fix what needs fixing

Other than making sure that the surface is even, you need to fix other problems before having the siding installed. If there are cracks, you can caulk them or apply some cement mix. If you have a wooden surface, replace the panels that are already broken. Nail down loose panels. All the protruding elements should be removed or patted down. If wires are poking out of the walls, you can reroute them or put them back neatly.

Apply the insulation

Applying new siding is another way of fixing your home insulation system. What you should do at this point is apply some padding. A thin layer of hard foam will work in most cases. But, you can always ask your contractor which material is most suitable for your home.

Installing new siding will not only make your home’s exteriors beautiful. It will even make your home a much more comfortable place to live in.

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