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Antique Garden Furniture Pieces and How to Preserve Them

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Gardening is not all about having the healthiest plants and a wide variety of flowers. Having a garden means being able to design it aesthetically using different materials.

Different types of garden furniture can easily be bought in local stores. But if you want to give your garden a vintage touch, then French garden antiques, as well as other antique products, are a good option. Like your plants, antiques need proper care and maintenance to retain their natural look and vibe. Here’s how to do it:

Know your materials

The first step in knowing how to care for your antiques is to determine which type of materials they are made of. Garden antiques that are made of stone, such as statues and urns, are susceptible to damage during the winter due to ice; and therefore, should be taken inside. Those made of iron should be protected against rust to preserve its original nature. Wooden furniture should also be taken care of accordingly using the right cleaning methods and materials.

Be careful when moving

Antiques are more fragile than newly produced garden furniture pieces because they have stood the test of time. Preserve them properly by carefully moving them and storing them at the right places when not in used.

Be sensitive to natural elements

Different materials respond to the changes in season differently. Make sure you know which pieces to keep inside your home during which season.

Have some professional help

Some antique pieces require professional help to remove their paints, repaint, or simply seal some pieces to make them look as good as new. Do not hesitate to spend a few bucks to maintain your antiques properly.

Antique garden pieces are valuable possessions for a reason. Preserve them properly and see their value further preserved or even increased.

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