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After a Drought: How to Spot Damage on Your House Foundation

cracks on the floor

Droughts can happen anywhere. They take a toll on animals, plants, and even homes. The severe dryness causes shifting, sinking and cracking of the foundation of some homes. Experts from share some signs you should watch out for to know if a drought has caused damage to your home.


Cracks often indicate extensive damage to your home’s foundation. This structural problem is a consequence of competition for moisture resources found in the soil from plants found around. As a result, there is separated brickwork, broken caulking and siding. You may also notice the gas meter to appear askew and the chimney is pulling away from the house. The pavements and asphalt around your home will likely have cracks too.

Inside your house, you may also see your floor unleveled and cracked. This usually results in gaps under the cabinets and baseboards, and a noticeable tilt of the foundation wall. When you offset the cracks, the sides surrounding them may exhibit movement.

Windows and door issues

Doors and windows play a significant role in enhancing energy efficiency and providing convenient access to your home. During a drought, the two structures are likely to have issues and could start sticking if the foundation is uneven and damaged.

Broken pipes

The foundation offers support to the piping system. When there is drought damage, the homeowner will experience the inconvenience of broken and leaking pipes since the base is unstable.

Although other problems may cause these signs, they mostly point out to foundation damage during drought. An inspection by a specialist from any of your local house foundation repair companies will affirm the same and offer appropriate solutions depending on the extent of the damage. Intervention should be immediate to avert potential disaster.

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