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Achieve Good Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces In Camden

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Having braces is beneficial for a patient’s health and appearance. A straight smile and a functioning bite not only look beautiful, but also prevent bacteria from hiding in the small crevices in-between the teeth. Overall, straight teeth are indicative of good oral health.

Oral care is generally important, but more so if braces are involved. Patients with braces in Camden should take care good care of their teeth and gums and visit a dentist, such as Ace Dental, regularly. This will ensure that by the time they get their braces off, their smile will be healthy and beautiful.

Eating the right food

Eating certain foods can be tricky for patients who are wearing braces, unless they have removable aligners such as Invisalign. For patients with fixed braces chewy and sticky foods are not recommended. More importantly, all patients should avoid sugary and highly acidic foods. Chewing ice is also not recommended as it can lead to the destruction of the braces or the chipping of the teeth.

Practising smart oral care

Unless a patient wears Invisalign, where they simply need to remove their aligners, oral care at home involves a few extra steps than normal. Patients with braces in Camden should be careful enough to get into the nooks and gaps between the braces as well as remove food remains from in-between their teeth and braces. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush is highly recommended and so is switching to an electric toothbrush. Flossing should also be practised carefully so as not to destroy the brackets and wires.

Protection against cavities

Patients with fixes braces are more likely to develop cavities and tooth decay if they are not careful enough with their oral hygiene. An antibacterial mouthwash after brushing is ideal for preventing the build-up of plaque and sooth any irritation.

Visiting the dentist

Managing to do all of the above, will keep a patient’s teeth healthy and strong throughout their teeth straightening treatment. However, the most important thing is to visit the dentist regularly. Not only will they inspect the teeth and braces, but they will also help patients maintain their teeth and braces in optimal condition.

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