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4 Tips for an Awesome Company Trip

Officemates on a tripThe benefits of taking your staff on a field trip every once in a while are numerous and substantial. Getting out there and interacting with new people, places, and ideas can stimulate the creativity and innovation that your business needs to keep thriving. Here’s what goes into planning a successful company filed trip.

Arrange for transportation

Many organisations have their own company buses for field trips. But if your company does not own a bus, you can consider a charter bus hire in Sydney to meet your transportation needs. Go for the right size and discuss with the driver the schedule for pickup and drop off, so that everything runs smoothly.

Decide on the right stops

Depending on how long the trip will take and the objectives you want it to serve, choose the ideal spots to visit carefully. Choose as many places as possible so that your staff gets exposed to different ideas and perspectives. For instance, if you are conducting a two-day trip around Sydney, plan to visit parks, malls, zoos, bustling neighbourhoods and other interesting locations.

Stick to your objectives

Whilst planning a company field trip, it is important to set clear objectives so that everyone knows what you want to achieve. For instance, you may be looking for new ideas on how to improve the flow of your customer lines in your store. The trip will serve as a learning experience and may inspire creative ideas among your employees.

Debrief everyone punctually

Set aside time after the trip to talk about what happened and discuss what worked and what failed. Make sure you do this promptly when the participants still have fresh ideas on their minds. This way, you can implement the new lessons you learned for the benefit of the organisation.

A field trip is a perfect opportunity for your staff to get refreshed and learn new useful things away from the office. It gives everyone a chance to get out there, experience the real world and reimagine the company’s product or service.

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