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4 Core Skills to Develop from Ages 1 to 5

Core Skills for Children in Salt Lake CityThe first five years of a child is the most important stage of a child’s learning development. Children learn quickly by following what they see and hear. They become better communicators both in non-verbal and verbal language.

Often, though, parents forget to focus on their child’s learning stage. They are too busy to oversee their development so they use gadgets as surrogates. But, early childhood learning experts explain that parents should focus on the four core skills that are crucial to children’s future learning development.

1. Physical Development

Do you know the importance of recess? This is not purely for snack time. In fact, recess is deemed to improve children’s attention and physical strength. They get stressed from school, so once they set foot on the playground, they get crazy. They jump, slide, swing, run, and socialize. Once the bell rings, their mind is back to the lesson. Physical activities reduce students’ moodiness and even prevent ADHD.

2. Cognitive Development

At an early stage, children should start with pattern recognition. In Salt Lake City, child care centers like Smart Kids Development Center use words, numbers, colors, symbols, pictures and more that help children improve their memory, mathematical skills, and even social skills. They also use arts such as painting and dancing to follow a certain rhythm of music and colors. They suggest parents do this at home since it also contributes to their discipline and organization.

3. Social Development

Aside from playing with other kids, there are other effective ways to develop their social skills. One is through shared reading. According to some experiments, shared reading between adults and children improve their vocabulary. If you connect emotions to it, children will become more interactive with their books, teachers, and classmates. Social skill doesn’t only come from playing, but also in fun learning.

4. Emotional Development

As kids grow, they learn to lie because of society’s influence. They lie because they know their wrong actions have consequences. Once they get caught, their self-esteem declines. Parents can scold their kids whenever they want, but they should not always pinpoint their mistakes. Constant blaming will lower their confidence that will affect their social development. It is best to accept their mistakes and teach them the right way to solve them without forcing or shouting.

Many parents take their kids to daycare centers because of their trusted learning styles. But, these experts strongly recommend finding time to help kids develop these four core skills as well. After all, a child’s future starts at home.

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