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3 Ways to Protect the Foundation of Your Home

A sturdy foundation equates to a well-established home that will last for generations. On the other hand, major damage to the foundation can cause up to a six-figure worth of repairs. Here are some tips to make sure that won’t happen:

1. Check the Perimeter of Your Home

Do this especially after a heavy rain. Check if there are puddles of water around your home, as these pools of water can erode the integrity of your home’s foundation over time. If you have a basement, install a sump pump to drive water away from your house during and after a storm.

2. Check the Rain Gutter Regularly

Rain gutters’ main job is to keep rainwater away from your home. Make sure your gutters are clear from any debris, especially if there are trees near your house. Otherwise, rainwater won’t be channeled effectively, and it’ll just overflow straight down your home’s foundation.

If gutters aren’t working properly, inspect these for damages and repair these accordingly. Or, call Double T. Inc or other professional contractors to install a new gutter in your Salt Lake City home.

3. Grade Your Landscape and Garden

If you’re fond of gardening and you have one on your home, see to it that the garden or landscape drains properly. Whenever you tend your garden, mind those runoffs, too.

Grade your landscape in such a way that water flows away from your house. Preferably, the area around your house should be sloped and graded three to five percent within ten feet of the foundation. If you notice any spot around your property that slopes towards your home, you should grab a rake and some soil to re-grade that area.

Above all, check your home for foundation problems regularly and address issues promptly. That small crack could cause leaking, and leaks could snowball into major foundation damage. Don’t put off small repairs or these will cause some serious damage not just to your home but to your pocket, as well.

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