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3 Elements to Consider for a White Home Exterior

white home exterior

White is indeed a timeless, classic color. Throughout history and anywhere around the world, you’d see homes sporting this stylish hue, highlighting the architectural details of the property. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your house facade with a bright, simple white, make sure not to forget the following elements.

A Splash of Colors

Yes, you’re going for a white house exterior, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add different colors. In fact, you should strive for variety in the facade by choosing a set of different hues in other areas. So, you might want to paint your front door black for a striking contrast. You can also consider black for your fences, notes Ask around for aluminum fence cost and see if it fits your redesign budget.

Different Shades of White

Even though white seems to be a straightforward hue, there are different shades of white you can explore. Find which shades look best for your home style. Playing on different versions of white can add visual depth to your exterior. Ask your home exterior painter for the trendiest shades of white.


One of the best ways to ensure that your house exterior doesn’t look flat with white is to add texture. Texture simply refers to the surface quality of the material you’re using. So, depending on the lighting or viewing distance, surfaces would appear rough, smooth, or glossy. When you incorporate texture, you get to add visual interest to the exterior space. You have a range of options for texture: brick, stone, wood, glass, etc.

When used at your house’s exterior, white will stand out and certainly improve your curb appeal. Keep in mind these tips as you plan your redesign.

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