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Spring Cleaning 101: Ever-Organised Electronics

Tech Week March 30, 2016 at 10:32 am

Keeping Your Electronics OrganisedWith every new smartphone, gaming device and charging systems, your electronics collection could easily grow into a tangle of cords and a pile of unsorted gadgets. This is why it’s necessary to take the time and sort out which ones are still useful and make sure that those are kept safe and secure for easy access.

Here are some ways to do a little spring cleaning around the home to keep your gadgets up to date, organization-wise.

Cable ties: The handy invention to tie-up loose ends

Whether it’s an old charger and USB connectors that can still be used for a new smartphone of the same brand or everyday appliances, cords can become a tangled hassle when left unsorted. The easiest way to deal with them is to make use of cable ties.

Also known as zip ties, these are actually an easy solution to bundle together cable and wires to keep them from tangling. Cable ties are usually made of plastic, which makes them sturdy enough to hold cords together, Skygeek reported. Additionally, cable ties can be adjusted depending on how many or how thick the cords are that need to be bundled together.

Store with an electronics bin

Now that you have your cords in order, you can also make sure that your electronics are not just lying around in the house or even your bag. It helps to have an electronics bin that you can easily store in a bigger cabinet or drawer, says Engineering Supplies.

Usually, an electronics bin has different storage slots to easily store similar items. For instance, you can put together USB connectors in one slot while putting all of the phone chargers into another. With the use of cable ties for cords, this makes them even easier to find and use around the home.

This also works in the office and lets you avoid having a cluttered desk full of cords and gadgets everywhere.

Sort and separate according to use

Other electronics may not necessarily fit into an electronics bin. The best way to unclutter most of the gadgets and electronics in the home is to have an organisational system that would allow you to categorise which device, gadget, hardware, and even software is needed for which purpose, according to Houzz.

For instance, those with gaming devices, office gadgets, and entertainment systems and accessories should learn to separate each segment into a different filing area. All of the accessories related to gaming — including game discs, headsets, controllers, and the like — should have their own tier in the cabinet that’s separate from other gadgets. Better yet, if you have space in the home, it would be better to store it in a different place so that if your electronics library grows in the long run, it would be easy to adjust to the allotted space instead of being forced to take out your old hardware.

Take these three steps to heart the next time you plan to get your gear and gadgets in order. This way, you can say goodbye to days of tripping on messy cords or fumbling your way into finding the (yet again) missing remote control.

Capture Spectacular Powder Portraits Like a Pro

Service Week March 15, 2016 at 10:06 am

Powder Photo PictureYou might have heard about Holi powder, the brightly-colored fine powder splashed on runners during fun runs. Originally used for the Holi festival of the Hindus, Chameleon Colors says Holi color powder is now common in pop culture and is used to create blasts of interesting colors in concerts, events, and even in dance clubs. Photographers also utilize the vibrant powder in creating stunning images with eye-popping colors and visually-intriguing effect.

Powder photography may seem difficult to pull off, but with the right techniques and some photography tricks, you can create beautiful and dynamic portraits just like a pro!

Powder photography can get really messy.

Pick a location that can accommodate this type of project. Any location that is easy to clean afterwards (like the garage, a basement room, or even outdoors) should be fine. You may cover the floor with dust sheets for easier cleaning afterwards. Don’t forget to cover your equipment with protective materials as the fine particles of the Holi powder may damage them. Make sure the location is dry, as moisture can make cleaning more tedious.

Powder photography is all about color.

Choose a dark location, or at least set up a dark background using black cloth or cardboard. For the model, however, light-colored clothing (preferably white) is suggested. The dark background and the light clothing will highlight the vibrant and vivid colors of the Holi powder.

To capture the movements of the Holi powder mid-air, set-up trigger-controlled speedlights as back lighting.

Don’t use too many lamps and lights. They may wash away the colors of the Holi powder in the photos. If possible, use natural lighting.

Prepare the Holi powder.

Put them in clear plastic bags so it’s easier to choose the color you will use. Also have tools such as dust pans, scoops, and fans handy.

Although Holi powder is non-toxic and easy to wash, it is still important to use them with proper care and caution.

Orient the model and make sure he’s aware of what’s going to happen. Make sure everyone’s ready before splashing the Holi powder. Never throw powder at the model’s face without his permission. Always keep your mouth closed while throwing Holi powder mid-air.

Experiment and enjoy!

Try’s different poses and go with different angles in splashing Holi powder. Play around with the speedlights and the camera settings to achieve a variety of effects in the photos.

Holi color powder is all about festivities, celebrations, and fun. Just like the exciting energy and upbeat vibe these colored powders give in street parties, musical events, and dance clubs, powder photography should also be fun. You’ll be surprised how dynamic your photos will be!