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Custom Homes: Why It’s Still Better Than Moving to a New Residence

Next Stop February 25, 2016 at 4:54 am

Custom HomesBetween building a new home from scratch and simply moving to a new residence, the choice is often clear which is the smarter choice. Moving in is arguably the more cost-effective method, while building a custom home requires a big investment.

But, don’t let the hefty price tag of building a new house fool you; while moving in may be more affordable, and arguably reachable, a custom home built with your specifications can save you a considerable amount of money.

Custom Homes and Energy Efficiency

When you compare a custom home from your standard production home, the former has more versatility in the way it’s constructed. The design of production homes are reused again and again, which means your neighbor (or the house a few blocks away), may have the same appearance as your own.

Custom homes obviously are specifically designed to your liking, including appearance, but one important thing that sets it apart from standard production homes is its potential to become more energy efficient in the long run.

Many builders, such as Keystone Construction, note that since you have total control of what’s included in your custom built home, it means that it will have more updated technologies. Production homes have standard equipment, such as insulation and HVAC systems already installed. This might be convenient, but it may also be dated by the time you purchase the home.

Dated equipment is a serious thing; not only is there the potential to accumulate excess energy costs, repair work is generally more costly as well. With custom homes, you’ll have the peace of mind that the equipment and technologies you’ve installed are brand new.

A Long-term Investment

One of the main disadvantages of buying used or production home is the amount of maintenance you’ll potentially have to do once you move in. It’s not surprising that even after some detective work before you purchase the house, there’s bound to be something that needs repair or maintenance. The price tag may be less than what you’ll have to pay for a new home, but the repair work can bust a hole in your wallet faster.

Custom built homes don’t require that much repair, and since you know how it was built from the ground up, you’ll have knowledge of what may go wrong in the future, and have it addressed even before it begins.

Deciding on a custom built home may require more upfront investment, but in the long run, it’s the more economical choice when you compare it to buying a used or production home.

5 Practical Means to Cut Concrete Structures

Service Week February 9, 2016 at 7:21 am

Concrete Cutting in UtahCompleting an engineering project with ease can be very challenging for construction companies who do not have all right services and technology needed for the job.  When dealing with construction service providers, one aspect that we should look closely is its concrete cutting service capabilities.

Concrete cutting, in essence, hastens the amount of time needed and increase efficiency. This is particularly true if the service company that you are dealing with is well equipped with modern and state of the art concrete cutting tools and machines.  Check to see if they have quality tools like electric saws, hydraulic saws, pneumatic saws, as well as gas-powered saws.

A highly reliable construction company is likewise capable of offering various concrete cutting methods.

So wherever you are, whether you are dealing with concrete cutting service in Sandy Utah or in Arizona, be sure to ask your local service provider if they offer any of the following methods of concrete cutting:

Diamond Sawing Method

Diamond is among the most widely used means of concrete cutting. Construction service companies make use of this method because diamond saws are far more precise and more efficient than all the others. It can swiftly cut through most metals with ease. Unlike other methods, this concrete cutting method also produces little vibration.

Flat Sawing Method

Otherwise known as slab sawing, this type of concrete cutting method is highly effective for cutting through horizontal concrete structures as floors, roads, and pavements. This method employs diamond blade mounted on a cart that operators push to go on with the cutting process. Cutting to extract broken pipes, wiring, and build plumbing trenches are among the many uses of flat sawing method.

Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing method makes use of circular blades placed on track-mounted machine to cut through walls. The track-mounted set-up allows the blades to climb up the walls and cut all the way to as much as 36 inches in thickness.

Core Drilling Method

Core drilling is another type of concrete cutting that is highly essential in speeding up the whole process of construction and demolition job. This method is used to set-up holes and opening intended fir wires, cables, pipes, and vents. Core drilling requires highly trained service operators as this involves high precision cutting that only well-trained individuals can perform.

Wire Sawing Method

This type of concrete cutting is very common for larger scale construction projects. The method entails the use of complex hydraulic-powered machines to get through and cut massive concrete structures. For large scale concrete cutting tasks that are way too difficult for most cutting methods, wire sawing has always been the most practical option in order to get the job done.

With this knowledge and the help of concrete cutting pros, getting the job done will be a piece of cake.