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Drive Safely and Comfortably: Adding Car Window Tints

Product Review June 30, 2015 at 7:01 am

Adding Car Window TintsNo one wants to drive in a car that feels like an oven. Unfortunately, many have to, especially during the summer season. Perth may still be dealing with cold weather, but soon the climate will be changing and you should prepare.

The good news is there is an easy way for you to stay comfortable, especially during long drives. This is by having your vehicle windows tinted with a top quality film.

Beating the Heat and Staying Comfortable While Driving

Tinting your windows reduces the heat from the sun that enters the car, making the interior more comfortable. Greater comfort is not the only benefit you can enjoy from tinted windows, though. The reduced heat can also help protect your vehicle’s interior.

The UV rays and the sun’s heat can damage the upholstery and discolour it. With tinted windows, you can avoid these problems and even extend the life of your automobile’s air conditioning system. Automotive, residential and commercial tint expert Tint Works mentions that air conditioner efficiency also reduces fuel consumption.

Staying Comfortable Means Better Driving

Staying comfortable while driving is extremely important, as it makes you more aware of your surroundings. Being too warm can make you irritable, which can affect your driving skills. With the help of tinted windows, keep your cool, drive more safely and avoid potential accidents.

Observing Legal Limits

One thing to remember is that there are laws surrounding automotive window tinting in Perth. There are limits to the darkness of the tint you can use. To make things simpler, ask professional Perth car window tint providers. They know and understand the rules, regulations and limits.

Every person wants to spend money wisely. Paying for enhancements that improve your driving performance while keeping you comfortable sure is worth it.

Understanding Cholesterol and Heart Health

Health Week June 30, 2015 at 1:00 am

Heart healthHigh blood cholesterol is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. This fatty substance within the body serves an important purpose; it helps build new cells, produce hormones, and insulate your nerves. Having too much of it, however, will clog your arteries and restrict the flow of blood. This may eventually lead to a heart attack or heart disease.

Because of this, the medical community strongly emphasizes the need to keep your cholesterol at a normal level. Health websites like Be Heart Strong and even create detailed guides on helping you manage the “bad” cholesterol within your body. However, a large number of people still struggle with high LDL.

The problem is that many do not understand what really causes the build-up of unhealthy cholesterol within the body, and still believe in a few widespread misconceptions. It is important to learn which tips work, and which you should ignore.

What You Need to Know About “Bad” Cholesterol

Often, the biggest contributor to high cholesterol is an unhealthy lifestyle; if you hardly ever exercise and eat food that is high in trans or saturated fats, it will cause a gradual increase in your LDL levels. Meanwhile, consuming food that contains dietary cholesterol (like chicken eggs) has a relatively minimal effect; eggs can even increase your HDL or good cholesterol levels, so they are an important part of your diet.

This problem also has a genetic component, and people who have a family history of unhealthy cholesterol levels are more susceptible. Other factors include age, being overweight, and gender—women in menopause have higher LDL levels and are at greater risk of heart disease.

Almost everyone can avoid LDL build-up, however, if they take charge of their health. It is important to make certain lifestyle changes that will help keep bad cholesterol at bay. With enough effort and diligence, most people can stay strong and keep their hearts in great condition.

For the Self-Employed: Know How Important Your Income is When Applying for a Mortgage

Service Week June 26, 2015 at 1:34 am

mortgageIf you’re self-employed or a business owner, qualifying for a mortgage loan isn’t as easy as it is for salaried individuals or those who receive monthly paychecks. Regardless of how much your income is, new federal rules require you to face more obstacles to get a mortgage loan, and one of the primary determinants lenders look out for is your income. Essentially, says a mortgage company will check the following:

  • Your business’s income tax returns — for partnerships and corporations.
  • Your entire income tax returns — as an individual entity – for the past two years, complete with schedules.
  • In the event that you’ve not yet filed your latest tax return, you’ll need a profit to loss statement audited by a CPA.
  • Copy of your business license — If not available, a statement written by your CPA confirming that your business has been operating for two years minimum.
What Your Income Means to the Lenders

Your submitted documentation will be utilized by lenders for calculating your average income for the last two years. This means that if your income last year was $100,000 and $70,000 prior to that year, your average income for lenders is $85,000. Your income also needs to be consistent or must show an increase from year to year. Otherwise, let’s say your income last year was $60,000, but your income the year prior to that was $80,000. Lenders will still consider your income as $60,000.

On the other hand, if your income decreases from year to year, you’ll find it more difficult to qualify for a mortgage. The lenders will also make particular adjustments, including amortization costs and depreciation, which will then be added once again to your net income.

With all this in mind, ensure that your business continues to be profitable and shows a consistent increase in your net income. Remember that a mortgage company will check the net income of your business and not the gross income. If you’ve been planning on applying for a home loan next year, keep your business costs to a minimum whenever applicable because factors that will help in reducing your tax liability can greatly impact your chances of qualifying for a mortgage loan.

Fit and Fun: Make Exercise an Enjoyable Daily Habit

Health Week June 23, 2015 at 9:07 am

exercisingLet’s face it, exercise can sometimes seem too much like a chore. When your day is packed with things like work, it becomes even harder to put on your running shoes and do that jog around the neighbourhood. Yes, you know that exercises will help you keep the ideal weight, reduce risks of diseases—such as heart diseases and diabetes—, make you more energized, and allow you to sleep peacefully through the night, but more often than not, you tend to forego exercise in favour of other activities.

Getting fit and exercising should not be something that you dread. By making exercise a fun daily habit, you will be able to maximise its benefits. shares more information below:

It’s all in the mind

No, really it is. Get in the right frame of mind before you start exercising. Condition your mind and see it as an opportunity to make you feel better about yourself—physically and mentally.

Don’t forget your diet

Exercise is just one of the many factors that make up a healthy mind and body. Diet also plays a huge role in keeping yourself fit. But, it does not mean depraving yourself of the things that you do like to eat. Remember the food pyramid you learned way back in school? Follow that and make sure that your every meal is sufficient and balanced (and yes, you can sneak in the occasional cake).

Join a club or a class

One of the things that make exercise seem tedious is the fact that you do it alone. Why not make it a fun social activity so that you will have more reason to stay motivated? Join a sports club or enroll yourself in a class so that you will have a support group that share the same fitness goals. Try swim clubs, yoga classes, or kettleball programs—it doesn’t necessarily have to be something you already like or have experience in. Who knows, you might even pick up a new hobby by joining such things.

The Root of Your Wisdom Tooth

Health Week June 22, 2015 at 11:43 pm

Wisdom teethAdults everywhere are likely to have pondered why the wisdom teeth are called so, given that they are useless and serve no purpose. No, it is not because your wisdom teeth are smarter than the rest of your teeth; they are called wisdom for a certain reason.

Linguists, dentists and modern day scientists say the etymology has scientific backing. Here is a short explanation for the curious mind:

Where the Wise is in Wisdom Teeth

In the seventeenth century, the third molars were called the ‘teeth of wisdom’, since they appeared much later in adulthood, when one is expected to make wiser and more mature decisions. Two centuries later, it evolved into simply being called “wisdom teeth”.

Linguists are not the only ones in consensus with the etymology. Dentists and practitioners, like the team behind, add more credence to this idea. Modern science and technology even goes so far as to prove that the third molar does indeed erupt when a person is wiser.

The Age of Wisdom

Recent research shows the brain continues to grow and develop even after adolescence. In fact, neurospecialists say the brain only reaches full maturity at 25. The wisdom teeth generally develops and erupts until between the ages of 17 to 25.

This is why the etymology from several centuries back is not so far off the mark. During this phase, you are expected to make much more mature decisions. This may include sticking to a job more than two months or abandoning habits that harm your health, including not going to the dentist regularly.

Diet Through the Ages

Humankind used to have a different kind of diet. Food then was mostly coarse and tough. The teeth, the jaw and the mouth had to work harder, forcing the development of larger bones. Due to the frequent loss of tooth at an early age, more room for wisdom teeth in the mouth was allowed.

When the food was still difficult to chew, the molars were helpful. Now that our diet has evolved from coarse foodstuff to soft processed food, the wisdom teeth are not so useful anymore. Still, they should get proper care to avoid developing plaque, tooth decay and infections.

Buying a Used Car? Here’s How to Properly Inspect its Form

Modern Market June 22, 2015 at 6:24 pm

used carThinking of rewarding yourself with a car, but don’t have that much cash to spend? Consider buying a used car instead. But, it can oftentimes become an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t really know much about cars — more so if you plan on purchasing a used one. While there are plenty of things you must check when buying used cars, start by knowing how to inspect a car’s overall form. Here’s how:

  • First off, check the car on a level surface, so you’ll be able to inspect the tires more clearly and notice if there’s any drooping.
  • Examine the car’s paint job and check for any scratches, dents, and rust. Check the car’s side sections from on-end and see if there’s waviness that shows past paint work. Work your fingers along the joints’ edges between the panels — rough patches can mean residue of masking tape adhesive.
  • Expect the tires to be worn; but it must be worn evenly and must match. Check for feathering or bad alignment on the tires’ surfaces. Also, look at the spare tire and then compare the other tires’ treads to see if it’s really a complete spare.
  • Check if the trunk is in good form. See if there are rust and entry points of water from holes or cracks.
  • If possible, check the underside of the car when it’s safely and stably suspended to check for possible rust and to examine the exhaust system. Black spots may indicate leaking and grease grime is also a critical issue. If you see white vapor—when you’re not in cold weather—upon starting the car, this can be an exhaust problem.
  • Never purchase a car with major frame damage. Pay close attention to the saddle, which keeps the top portion of your radiator in place and connects front fenders—this must be firmly bolted in and not merely welded. Check for welding marks on door jambs and scrutinize bolt heads to see if there are scratch marks, which could indicate realigned or replaced fenders.

Now that you know how to inspect the form of used cars, educate yourself on how to properly examine what’s under the hood, the car’s interior, and how to properly test drive one.

Domestic Violence is More Rampant than People Think

Service Week June 19, 2015 at 5:41 pm

violenceWith the passage of laws and rise of advocates against domestic violence, most people would think that there are fewer victims for such cases. That’s not how reality works, however. Study shows that domestic violence is still ongoing and increasing in numbers.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2014 revealed that rape occurs in nearly one in 5 women and one in 71 men in their lifetimes. In addition, nearly one in 4 women experience severe physical violence while 14% of males experience severe intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. The majority of victims personally knew their perpetrators, who are acquaintances or intimate partners.

Realizing the trends, the government and legal authorities strongly advise people to pursue legal representation. The site noted that “Rape cases can be complicated and difficult to litigate and defend. Rape charges are strongly pursued by law enforcement and the state’s attorney for the jurisdiction in which the crime allegedly occurred.”

A person may seek both civil and criminal courses of action for domestic violence cases. Here are some ways to tackle the problem:

Overcome the challenges

Some victims are reluctant to report or to testify about their ordeal in court because of the trauma, threats or fear of loss of support. This tendency poses challenges when charging and prosecuting domestic violence because the courts cannot apprehend the attacker if they don’t file complaints. Prosecutors have no choice but to dismiss domestic violence charges as a result.

Seek help

Victims are also unconsciously allowing the offender to do further damage if they don’t do anything. They shouldn’t hesitate to report the matter to the authorities and seek legal advice so that the court may proceed with the prosecution and sentencing as necessary.

File temporary restraining orders

Victims of domestic violence may file domestic violence protective orders to prevent the abuser from pursuing them. They may petition for interim, temporary or final protective orders in any district or circuit court subject to the judge’s approval.

Domestic violence will only continue to rise unless the victims make a conscious effort to mitigate it. They should overcome the trauma, seek legal representation and file protective orders to reduce, if not eliminate these cases.

Across Languages Barriers: The Journey of the Suite

Travel Weekly June 18, 2015 at 2:43 pm

travellerEnglish, Spanish, and Mandarin are the three most spoken languages in the world, but only one of them can say that it’s a language that people want to know by choice. Unlike Spanish and Mandarin, a large majority of English speakers speak it as a second language.This means they made a conscious effort to study, understand, and speak it. What makes the language so special?

The secret to the popularity of English is that it’s an inclusive language, in that it has no problem with adopting words from other languages if it doesn’t already have an appropriate equivalent. Native English speakers may not realize it, but a vast majority of the words they use everyday didn’t come from the English Isles.

The French Following

If a person wants to get a hotel room in St. George for example, their chances of hearing the word suite are close to guaranteed. The strange way itsspelled, as well as its swooshy pronunciation, should give people a clue that the true origins of the word lie on the François side of the Channel.

The first records of the word suite were in the 1670s, when it was a description of the train of followers or attendants. This is because the word was a variation of an older word “sieute,” which meant an act of following or attendance. In fact, the modern English translation of suite is still “following”.

Changing Suites

When the word started to move from exclusively French mouths to English speaking ones, it went through several transformations before finally settling on what it means today. During the 1680’s, a suite was a set of instrumental compositions, which is expected considering the era was one known for its opera.

It was only in the early 1710s that suite became a word to describe a connected set of rooms the way it’s used today. The running theme between all the incarnations of suite is that it’s a collective term that serves as a shortcut for “a group of –“, “a sequence of –“, or other similar inclusive terms.

The strange thing about the whole thing, though, is that the transformation isn’t over just yet. Instead of meaning a collection of rooms, hotels are using the word to refer to a single room, singled out for its exclusivity. Imagine what that word will mean after a couple of decades.

Three Important Questions When Going Through Divorce

Service Week June 18, 2015 at 1:00 am

Pre-nuptial agreementGoing through the whole process of divorce is not only time consuming, it can be very difficult as well. Consulting with lawyers and making court appearances is a challenge for the parties involved.

With the different applicable procedures and laws in divorce law, it is essential that all parties have competent divorce lawyers, notes in Provo. This ensures that the divorcing spouses have good guidance and the proceedings go as efficiently as possible.

Despite such guidance, several factors still need to be considered. Here are the three essential questions that should be answered:

Are there children involved?

One of the major considerations for divorce would be the existence of children. The law pays special attention to the welfare of the children.

With children in the family involved, proper counseling is important to ease out the whole process. It is essential that the children first understand what the family is going through before moving on to the other parts of the divorce.

Is there no chance for reconciliation?

One of the more efficient ways to go through divorce is mediation. One of the most basic questions mediators ask is if there is no chance for reconciliation.

In mediation, the spouses come together to discuss their differences and possible solutions. If the parties don’t agree on any solutions, they will have to go through with the usual divorce proceedings. It is important that the spouses are certain about their reasons for asking for a divorce since the process cannot be reversed, thus, losing time and resources.

Is there a pre-nuptial agreement?

One major consideration would be about the division of the properties. In the existence of a pre-nuptial agreement between the spouses, dividing the assets will be much clearer. In the absence of an agreement, it will be up to the court to decide on how to divide the properties fairly.

It is important to consult with an experienced attorney when dealing with divorce issues. Competent advice can spell the difference between an efficient parting of ways, or a distressing experience in court.

What is Attractive Nuisance & How Can It Affect You?

Service Week June 17, 2015 at 1:58 am

Installing a Pool FencingChildren are naturally inquisitive. You might see them sneaking around construction areas, restricted properties, abandoned cars, even your own backyard, where they see your pool or your pond as great places of adventure. Unfortunately, their appetite for fun could also put them at risk of dangers.

Understanding Attractive Nuisance

Kids can’t tell whether they are trespassing or not. They also can’t tell if a place is dangerous until they are harmed. As such, there is an area of common tort law, called attractive nuisance doctrine, where premises’ owners are held liable for not securing their property that is likely to attract children.

Kids from your neighbourhood may find your pool, your pond, or your abandoned car in your garage an attractive place where they could play. Unfortunately, leaving these things unsecured may actually cause you to be held liable when they get hurt.

Keeping Your Premises Incident-Free

Your duty as an owner is to secure your premises so that no kids could trespass and get hurt in your property. Here are some simple tips to keep your property accident-free:

  • Keep trespasser-kids away from your pool by installing a DIY pool fencing around it. Keeping your pool fenced is essentially a good way to fend off accidents.
  • Get rid of that old, abandoned car in your yard. You are not just eliminating an attractive nuisance, you are also saving up space while getting rid of an eye sore.
  • As much as possible, keep ‘exciting stuff’ in your backyard away from the public eye. A garden pond, for instance, can be hidden with tall shrubs and plants. This way, you are reducing the risk of luring children from coming into your property unsecured.

Fighting against an occupiers’ liability claim can be financially disastrous. By keeping your property trespasser-proof, you are not just saving your property from acts of theft; you are also saving yourself from unwanted and costly lawsuits.