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Quality vs. Budget – Choosing between LCD and LED TV

Product Review February 28, 2015 at 7:04 am

LED TVThe first thing to remember when comparing LED and LCD television is that an LED TV uses the similar underlying technology as other LCD panels, meaning the basic image is the same.

The nature of LEDs, however, confers a few advantages over LCDs. Take for instance their power consumption. As a buyer, you would probably look more to the TV as a whole with its features and functionality.

The Core of LCD and LED Lighting

LCD TVs do not emit light on their own. Without an additional source of light, the TV would just be as dim for comfortable watching. LCD screens are translucent so it reflects light from behind. This brightens the picture. Most LCDs lit through cold cathode fluorescent lamps for a long time. These are just like little bulbs that illuminate the screen from behind. The problem with these bulbs is they can be thick, hot and heavy.

This is where LED lighting is better. The LED system relies on miniature bulbs that are smaller, lighter, cooler and more energy-efficient than LCD bulbs. Somehow, they make illumination better and brighter.

How to Choose Between LED and LCD TVs

As any buyer would, you will have budgetary considerations to make before anything else. LCD TVs are clearly more affordable because of its limited lighting and bulk. This way you can spend less or get a larger screen.

If you consider quality over price, you are probably thinking getting an LED TV. Your best bet is to get something that will save energy and reduce your bills. recommends a new Devant LED TV if you want to enjoy crisp audio and life-like images. For a sleek design, there is an edge-lit version that is also power-efficient.

LCD and LED TV both serve their own purpose. In perspective, both are the cheaper types that can help budget savers get their money’s worth. Choosing the right TV for your needs will give you the highest satisfaction.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety With Your Kid’s First Day in School

Service Week February 27, 2015 at 11:22 am

school uniformJust like children, parents experience some sort of separation anxiety before or during the first day of school. Especially if you are a hands-on parent since childbirth, it could surprise you that your kid is now ready to socialise and learn new things in school, you seem anxious and scared of letting go.

Whether sending your kid to the very first day in pre-school, or buying primary school wear, feeling utterly sad about leaving your kid at school is a sign of separation anxiety that you need to address immediately.

While it is quite common among children not to understand the need to separate from their parents for the first time, parents should overcome the feeling within a much shorter time.

The following are a few tips on how to prepare for your kid’s first day at school:

1. Know your kid’s teacher. By doing this, you will be familiar with the person who will take care of your child for the next couple of months or years. Knowing that your kids are in good hands takes away a huge amount of worries on your side and will spare them from picking up your anxiety.

2. Talk to friends, your partner, your family or relatives who have been through the same situation, or a counsellor, if needed.

3. It could leave you feeling worried or guilty about not being there for your child as she enters another phase in her life because you are working. Talking your guilt out and receiving assurance will make you feel a lot better.

4. Visit your kid at school, see what she’s been doing, know her friends, and familiarise yourself with her ‘new world’.

5. Distract yourself with your child’s other school requirements. For example, you can buy the books that they need, or customize the primary school wear, suggests

This way, you feel reconnected to your kid and you will have many things to talk about when you are together. It is also important to know these things to encourage your kid to open up at a very early age. Likewise, you can know your child better as she grows older with other people.

Car Maintenance 101: Minimising Car’s Emissions

Service Week February 27, 2015 at 12:28 am

car emissionsRegardless of the reason for reducing your car’s emissions—whether to pass smog inspection or simply to do your part in helping the environment—minimising the amount of emissions from your vehicle is always a positive move. A car that emits too many pollutants has poorer fuel efficiency, which affects driving performance.

If you are really committed to lowering your vehicle’s car emissions, here are some simple steps you can follow:

Use Good Quality Fuel

The simplest thing you can do to reduce vehicle emissions is to select a gasoline with a higher octane rating. Higher-octane levels will improve the combustion efficiency of your engine. You will be able to lower fuel expenses and keep your vehicle engine clean. Switch the cheap gasoline for something middle or premium grade.

You may want to install a vapour injection system as well. Experts from say that diesel injector services can also help make the engine more efficient and reduces harmful exhaust gases such as nitrate and carbon dioxide.

Replace Air Filter

It is important to inspect and change the air filter regularly to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and other pollutants. For most Chevrolet engines, experts say that filters should be replaced every 70,000 kilometres. If you have a Ford vehicle, you need to change them every 48,000 kilometres. The same is true for Hyundai engines, but if you frequently drive under extreme weathers or dusty roads, you have to inspect your filters every 24,000 kilometres.

Use Gasoline Additives

The primary function of gasoline additives is to keep engine parts such as intake valves, ports, and the carburettor clean. With engine parts clean, you are less likely to produce high levels of carbon-based emissions. Go to a local auto parts store now and ask about what you can add to your vehicle.

Reducing your vehicle’s emissions will boost fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Follow the mentioned tips and you will be able to minimise your car’s emissions.

The American Sniper Trial and the Questions Surrounding an Insanity Plea

Service Week February 26, 2015 at 12:50 pm

lawThe prosecution of the American Sniper trial rests their case against Eddie Ray Routh as they gather the final testimonies from relatives of the defendant. The mother of the former Marine, Jodi Routh, told prosecutors that she didn’t know about Kyle’s plan of going to a shooting range when she approached him for help.

Perils of National Attention

The trial is receiving more attention as it reaches its mid-way point, thanks in no small part to the success of the movie based on the memoir of the victim. The counsel of the defendant is mounting an insanity defense due to PTSD. Attorneys like David A. Nachtigall often attest that an insanity defense is usually an area of last resort for most cases, but it’s the strategy that yields the best chance of success for this specific trial. The widow of the victim, Taya Kyle, has condemned the use of insanity to acquit Routh in interviews leading up to the case.

There’s no telling how the trial will end, because the success of the movie “American Sniper” became an unexpected wild card for both sides of the trial. Defense lawyers went on record with their worry that artistic licenses taken by the film might influence the opinions of jurors against their favor. But, what are the chances of success for either side if the trial didn’t have a national spotlight shining on it?

Proving Insanity

The entire case of the defense rests on whether or not they can establish that Routh was not operating under the same mental faculties a reasonable person might when he shot the victim. The highlight for the prosecution trying to disprove this assertion was when a Texas Ranger testified on the conditions of Routh’s home when they searched it after the shooting.

According to the testimony, authorities found marijuana, a bottle of whiskey, and anti-psychotic medication for schizophrenia. The testimony could show that Routh deliberately put himself in a violent state prior to meeting with Kyle. Forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Park Dietz, who famously testified in the trial of Andrea Yates in 2006, says that voluntary intoxication doesn’t excuse the mentally ill.

If the court finds Routh guilty of capital murder, he faces lifetime imprisonment without parole. On the other hand, if the jury finds him not guilty by reason of insanity, the Texas Criminal Code stipulates that the court can arrange civil proceedings to have him committed.

3 Easy Steps to Protect Kids from Swimming Pool Dangers

Health Week February 25, 2015 at 2:18 pm

An appalling number of drowning incidents in Australia urges everyone to consider drowning as one of the country’s most pressing safety issues. In a report released by the Parliament in June 2012, the death toll of drowning reached 284, just 8% lower than the previous year’s tally. The estimated cost of drowning incidents is around $1 billion, which is a great damage to the Australian economy.

Swimming Pools Are Among the Main Culpritskids swimming

Of the 284 incidents of drowning in 2012, 22 died in swimming pools. Additionally, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare stated that a large number of hospitalisations due to near drowning were associated with swimming pool-related incidents.

Toddlers and young children are at most risk of swimming pool-related incidents, although some cases were likely due to alcohol and substance use.

Protect Your Kids from Swimming Pool Harm

The number one protection for kids against swimming pool dangers is vigilance. By teaching your kids how to be vigilant in and around the pool, you may prevent untoward incidents that could be injurious, even life threatening. Consider these tips when spending your day with your kids at the pool:

  1. Tell them to strictly obey pool guidelines at all times;
  2. Teach them how to be cautious when getting into the water. Telling them to look around before jumping in,     for instance, would help them avoid hitting other people; and
  3. Help them familiarize themselves with water by taking them to swimming classes.
Keep Your Home Pool Safe

You can avoid letting your kids enter the pool unsupervised by putting in place a pool fence to keep them from getting near the water. Having your pool protected does not have to be unattractive, insists Perth City Glass. You can protect your kids from the dangers of swimming pools while keeping in mind its aesthetics through glass pool fencing. In fact, many glass installation companies in Perth, WA specialise in such fixtures.

Do not wait until a swimming pool incident happen before you take action. By taking preventive measures, you can ensure the safety of your children while enjoying the fun and excitement swimming pools have to offer.

Grand Theft (Prevention): Improving Your Retail Store’s Security

Product Review February 25, 2015 at 5:19 am

Roller shutter for securing a storeRetail stores without efficient security measures in place are easy targets for thieves and burglars. Your business can suffer without adequate security and may put employee safety at great risk. You should see to it that your store is safe and secured, but that security measures do not negatively affect the shopping experience of customers.

Some managers, however, feel overwhelmed with the task. With careful planning, you can implement security measures that can prevent a wide range of issues and creates a safe environment for your employees and customers. Here are the things you should know about bolstering your store’s security:

Use a video surveillance system

You need to have eyes on every part of your store to prevent shoplifting and burglary, especially for areas not easily seen by your employees. With a modern video surveillance system, you can monitor the store’s premises and capture images that may help you identify possible shoplifters or burglars at night.

Secure the storefront with modern shutters

It is important to make sure your store is impenetrable at night or during closing time. Using shutters, in this case, can bolster security and prevent intruders from breaking in. says modern roller shutters in Perth are strong and capable of preventing intrusion attempts.

Provide enough storefront lighting

Adequate lighting discourages burglars from intruding as it increases the risk of them being identified. It can also make your customers shopping at night feel safer when they step out of your store.

Train your employees

Lastly, it pays to train your employees about handling risky security situations and averting possible incidents. Make sure they have access to an updated list of emergency numbers and that they understand the steps to notifying authorities.

Implementing higher levels of security may seem challenging at first, but the rewards make all the extra effort worth it. You can provide a safer and better retail shopping experience for your customers and keep your employees safe as well.

Brisbane: a Booming Population with a Booming Economy

Travel Weekly February 24, 2015 at 12:10 am

Tourism in BrisbaneBrisbane is the most populous city in Australia and it is likewise an economy that offers many job opportunities. Anyone looking for white-collar jobs can try applying in the fields of information technology, financial services, higher education and public sector administration. You can locate them in central business districts working at offices and inner suburbs.

As one of the most urbanised cities in the country, this article notes the things that you can expect in Brisbane.

Blue-Collar Job Opportunities

People near the Brisbane River can try applying at blue-collar industries such as petroleum refining, waterfront manual labourer, paper milling, metalworking and railway operator.


Tourism in Brisbane also contributes to the economy of Queensland with domestic and international visitors coming to the city to either look for work or go on a vacation. There are many exciting places to see in this city whether you are looking for interesting architectural designs, popular and classical entertainment, and even something close to nature.

Dining Out

As the most populous city in Queensland, you can meet people from all walks of life here. Lonely Planet has in fact dubbed Brisbane as the hippiest city in Australia in 2014 with so many bohemian artists and unconventional people.

It is also for this reason that there are many popular restaurants in Brisbane, explains, that cater to both working and non-working classes, the latter which includes homemakers and students. Any time you are hungry, a popular restaurant is just a stone’s throw away, and they serve all kinds of cuisine – from Continental, to Asian, to good old local delicacies.

Public Transportation

To travel on the other hand to regional centres, interstate and overseas destinations, Brisbane has an extensive transportation network within the city. The Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) in fact is the central hub for all transport services.

The booming economy has attracted both locals and tourists to go to this place and perhaps settle here. Don’t just take our word for it. Get your firsthand experience in this city and have a taste of Brisbane – in more ways than one.

Skiing is Not Expensive: 3 Steps to Enjoy the Slopes Cheaply

Product Review February 19, 2015 at 1:01 am

Skiing is Not ExpensiveDo you think that skiing is a hobby that only the rich can enjoy on a regular basis? While skiing is often seen as one of the most expensive pastimes in the world, it can actually be fairly affordable. Many people ski every year, and end up paying less than what others spend on generic beach vacations. If you want to make your ski trip cheaper, here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Skipping the package deals

It might sound daunting at first, but the absolute best way to save money is to skip the middleman and just arrange everything on your own. This should come as no surprise to experienced travelers, and you might be surprised at how easy it actually is. There are only four things you really have to plan for.

• Travel – Getting to book your own flights is gold for DIY travelers. You get to shop around for the best rates, and if you’re especially savvy, use credit card reward points to enjoy a free flight.

• Accommodation – Find the most affordable ski resort you can; you don’t need luxury, since you’ll be spending most of your time on the slopes. Once it’s time to go back, you’ll be too tired to appreciate the extravagant trappings of 5-star accommodations anyway.

• Lift pass and equipment – Do your eyes water at the price of brand new ski equipment and the chairlift pass? There are many ways to save on these, the most significant of which we will discuss later.

• Insurance – Of course, you want to stay safe no matter what happens during your trip. This is one area you might be tempted to skimp on, but don’t underestimate the peace of mind that it brings.

Step 2: Choosing when to ski

Book months in advance, and avoid peak seasons for the best prices. All ski locations have high and low periods, due to holidays, yearly ski contests, weather conditions, and more. Find out which months are the cheapest for your destination, and you can easily save hundreds of dollars.

Also, don’t scoff at season or winter passes. They might come at a fairly big upfront price, but do the math first and see if you can use it enough to come out ahead. Some skiers use theirs so heavily that it comes out to only a few dollars for every day of skiing. If you are lucky enough to get a season pass for the next year, the price can be even lower.

Step 3: Getting your equipment cheaply

Before buying entirely new equipment, consider the alternatives first. Most ski rental shops in Vail and other popular destinations are extremely competitive, so their prices are a complete steal. Shop around for group discounts and other incentives, and you can often rent top quality equipment for next to nothing.

The most affordable option, though, is to simply borrow gear. If you are a beginner, it is perfectly reasonable for you to borrow a mask or gloves from friends who regularly ski. They won’t fit well, and will look like a mismatched mess, but at least you get them for free.

With these tips, you will have a fun ski vacation that will come out at less than half of what most people are paying for theirs. Once you are more experienced, you will find opportunities to make this fantastic hobby even more affordable.

How Singapore Celebrates Holidays

Travel Weekly February 18, 2015 at 1:55 am

Celebration of New Year in SingaporeAs a multi-cultural society, Singapore’s event calendar is marked with different holidays and festivals all year round. Celebrations include socio-cultural festivities, sporting events, celebrations, and annual public holidays. With people from different parts of the globe living together in the city, the celebrations can get a little intense, but always in a good way.

Read on and find out how the city-state and island country celebrates the common holidays.

New Year

The Chinese New Year is one of the most important cultural holidays in Singapore. The celebration usually starts in February and marks a year of prosperity and good luck. Every New Year, families decorate their homes with red lanterns and clean it thoroughly. This celebration demands attention and energy with feasting, partying, and exchanging of mandarin oranges for good luck.


With plenty of Halloween events and parties in the city, Halloween parties in Singapore are thrilling and one of a kind. Horror festivals can also get a little spooky with signature holiday events that feature a more Asian take on the concept of ghosts and ghouls. Events like Sentosa Spooktacular offer a concoction of spine-chilling folklore and bazaar trepidations that will arrest the senses.

Christmas Day

While visitors may not see reindeers and real snow in Singapore, Christmas in the city-state is truly a big celebration. Like most other places across the globe, the holidays are a time for locals to indulge in eating and shopping. The Christmas season spreads through restaurants across the city, adding a more festive twist to Singapore’s already extraordinary dining scene.

Singapore National Day

Singapore’s National Day on August 9th is the biggest festivity of the year. The celebrations begin in the days leading up to the National Day, with flags displayed from buildings, houses, and cars. Many prepare for the famous National Parade that features song and dance performances, military parades, and a fireworks extravaganza.

Vesak Day

This holiday is one of the most important celebrations for Buddhists. Vesak Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. On this day, Buddhists around the city gather before the dawn to sing hymns and celebrate. Offerings of candles, flowers, and joss sticks are also brought to the temples.

These are just some of the public events and festivities in the city. Most of the holidays have a religious background, which reflect Singapore’s cultural diversity.

Buying a Wedding Ring: 4 Things to Do Before Making the Purchase

Product Review February 13, 2015 at 1:01 am

Buying a Wedding RingYou might be tempted to think that purchasing a wedding ring is as simple as walking in and out of the jeweler’s place. Despite the joy and excitement that come with the prospect of asking the big question, being mentally prepared for the big question and choosing the right wedding ring play a critical role in your success.

Ask for Her Parent’s Permission

Even though modern society might make this seem useless, taking time to talk to her parents before proposing might save face. You do not want to go through all the steps when the parents haven’t given their blessing yet.

Talk to a Guy Who Has Done it Before

This is the perfect way to getting tips on finding what your fiancée-to-be might or might not like. A friend may also direct you to the right jeweler, but you have to make the final choice. Make sure your chosen ring fits the personality of your partner.

Pay Attention When She Talks of Jewelry

Once she realizes your relationship’s destination, she will definitely start talking about things like wedding shoes, venues, gowns and jewelry. Even though she might not directly talk about the wedding ring she fancies, believes she will talk of the caliber of ornaments that intrigue her. This is your cue. You should base your search on this.

Take the Time to Choose Something Unique

Resist the urge to walk in and out of the jewelers’ place when shopping for wedding rings. The rings you find on the display will most probably be on the ring finger of half the married population in your area. Taking the time to browse through catalogues and order for something unique will get you the right item. Refusing to stay mainstream will make your spouse proud of you.

Keep all these things in mind before you ask for her hand in marriage. Remember, everything needs proper planning.