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Comic Relief Pledges To End Tobacco, Alcohol Investments

Finance Week May 30, 2014 at 4:39 am

tabaccoComic Relief has announced its plans to end putting money into alcohol, tobacco, or weapons, after reviewing its investment policies.

Controversial investments

Comic Relief faced a public outrage after it was accused of investing in companies that seemed to contradict the core values of the charity.

After spending two months of reviewing its policy, Comic Relief said public trust was the “cornerstone” of the charity. It vowed to be transparent with its money in future.

Public trust

“We would be nothing without our many supporters to whom we have listened and will keep listening,” Davie said in a statement. “We now have an investment policy that is firmly in line with the ethos of the charity, at the same time as making sure that the money we raise can go further to change lives both here in the UK and abroad.”

Part of the charity’s plan is to set aside a small fund for social investment.

4 Things You Should Do to be a Good Landlord

Service Week May 29, 2014 at 7:04 am

Investing in a property you can use to let offers many distinct advantages. With the rising cost of living, it is more practical today to just rent a home rather than buy an empty lot and start from scratch. This is why a growing number of San Diego families look for quality home rentals to start their life sensibly.

Good and effective landlords are quite uncommon now, though. If you own units for rent, you can invite more tenants and secure stability in your business when you follow the best practices in landlordship. Here are a few things you can do:

Make the Necessary Repairs and Upgrades

Ladder against brick wallIt is the golden rule of letting properties: fix your home for rent, so quality tenants could come. Some landowners, however, still take this for granted. Rather than improve their properties, they only make cosmetic fixes and hope their tenant will not notice the issues. If you still do not make the necessary repairs and upgrades, your tenants would not stay that long.

Screen Out Bad Tenants

As the landowner, you have power over who can rent your property. This means, you are in the position to screen possible tenants and see whom you can trust. You do not want to have tenants that are rude, or delay payments whenever possible. Take the time to know potential tenants and make a thorough research on their background and credit history. A property management company can help you screen tenants and minimize vacancy time.

Hire Property Managers

You need reliable property managers who can see every operation details of your business. From property preservation to qualifying potential tenants, property managers can help you make the most of your units for rent.

Aim for Amiable Results

Disputes and disagreements are sometimes inevitable. When such things happen, look for a solution immediately. Aim for amiable results, and see if you can arrive at a fair agreement.

Being a good landlord, or owning San Diego rental homes, for that matter, takes guts and dedication. The rewards, however, more than make up for the hard work you pour into it. With a good handle on the best industry practices, you can ensure a better future for your letting business.

The Secret Edge to Clearing a Debt

Finance Week May 27, 2014 at 4:54 am

It may escape anyone’s appreciation, but lenders and banks are taking very significant risks whenever they approve somebody for a secured homeowner loan. These loans rank second only to mortgage loans in banking circles as the most risk-laden options, because only the most desperate borrowers choose it.

People tend to focus on the high stakes against themselves and don’t bother trying to find out what lenders are putting on the line to make secured loans possible. Yes, it may seem like all they do is give borrowers money and then take their homes when they fail, but what choice do any of them have?computing expenses

When a lender or a bank repossesses a home or any collateral that only means one thing, which is that the borrower failed to meet the terms of the agreement. That is by no means the lender or the bank’s fault, unless they were instrumental in preventing the borrowers from being able to make payments.

The year before the global financial crisis of 2008, observers were keenly anxious of the slow rise of people taking out secured loans. Because that only meant that more people are experiencing financial woes, and that more people are likely to lose their homes or collaterals, if the situation didn’t improve. Of course, the crisis finally struck, making the blow that much faster and devastating, not just for borrowers, but for lenders as well.

Imagine this; someone is in charge of a bank that is up to his nose in reclaimed property and no one to sell them to. The only recourse is selling the properties at rock bottom prices, and make at least a fraction of what they lost in all the loans.

Handling secured loans are a serious business, and though they’re packaged as an easy way out, they should be treated as a last ditch effort of clearing debt. Because that’s the only way anyone gets out of debt. Determination is the bigger key than any financial scheme in the world.

If a borrower truly wants to get out of a debt hole, a secured loan will help him or her do it faster. But if they don’t have the heart to do it, then lenders might as well throw the money off a cliff.

3 SQL Server Performance Issues You Might Run Into

Service Week May 22, 2014 at 7:37 am

office table setupAny business that relies heavily on information technology needs an outstanding data server application to stay ahead of the competition. This is why they use SQL server databases to power their operations. Business owners can better manage, restore, or backup every data they need.

While such servers can perform efficiently for long durations, some performance issues are bound to happen. This can severely compromise the quality of your operations and affect your overall productivity. You need to conduct regular SQL server performance troubleshooting to make sure your database is in good order.

To make better use of your server database, look for the following common server issues:

Not Updated to the Current Service Pack

Many database administrator experience server issues just because they have not updated it to the current service pack. It is important to make sure your SQL server has the most updated service pack to get the most of the latest performance, security, and stability fixes. Plus, you can have better support when you need to do SQL server troubleshooting later.

Running Under an Administrative Account

When installing SQL server, the default service account is usually the “administrator” account. People who are uninitiated or those who are not familiar how to change account settings may run into privilege security issues. If you are not sure if you are running under an administrative account, consult experienced SQL server specialists immediately.

Long Query Processing

SQL servers can perform much efficiently when not overloaded with queries or data requests. If you notice your queries is taking longer to process than usual, the system might be working with more load than it could handle or new processes have been installed. When it such issue happens, you can check if the SPID number is blocked to see which causes the hold-up exactly.

It pays to make sure your SQL server is running smoothly as it should. Fortunately, there are many SQL server specialists that can help you manage your database operations more efficiently. Just make sure they have the latest technical know-how so they can attend to server issues as soon as possible.

Brazil’s Footballer Federation Sues FIFA Over World Cup Kickoff Times

Service Week May 22, 2014 at 5:57 am
Photo Credits: Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz | Wikimedia

Photo Credits: Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz | Wikimedia

Brazil’s federation of professional football players and other athletes are suing FIFA over the less than ideal World Cup kickoff times. They are demanding to change the time of kickoff to avoid the humid weather conditions of the country.

 Intense Heat

The federation filed a lawsuit demanding the international football organization to move the matches beyond 4 in the afternoon. They said that players are in great danger of playing under harsh conditions, especially with the humid weather.

They based the request on local labor regulations and study conducted by Turibio Leite, a renowned sports doctor. They also suggested stopping the match for two minutes in each half so players can take water breaks – which FIFA said would consider.

 Changing Weather

The sport’s international governing body has changed the kickoff times of several matches in the past to accommodate hot and humid weather.

In this year’s World Cup, many are concerned about how likely humidity can affect players’ performance. Several international team coaches have already expressed their wish to avid playing in places with harsh weather conditions.

In Sickness and in Health: Maintaining Good Doctor-Patient Relationship

Health Week May 19, 2014 at 5:58 am

Maintaining a good relationship with a doctor is important—it is the core of general health care practice. Most graduate and post-graduate programs require doctors to have communication skills; maybe it is time that patients also do their part.

Doctor and patientParticipate in Your Care

Every relationship requires participation from both parties. It is not easy to listen to an advice, but when your doctors tell you to take your medications twice every single day, do so. After all, it is for your own good.

To strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, some private hospitals in Kent UK recommend patients to prepare for their appointment as well, not only by getting there on time, but also by bringing all their current medications and medical notes.

Tell Them If You Are Seeing Others

Let your doctors know if you are seeing other medical experts as this helps them stay updated with your condition and the medical care you have received.

Electric Health Records (EHR) helps doctors keep track of patient information if they are in the same system, so make sure that you approach doctors in the same organisation. If you want to consult first-rate doctors, you may want to look for private hospitals in Kent.

Tell Your Concerns Directly

It is important to tell them your concerns instead of your complaints. Instead of saying you have constant headache, tell them that you are concerned it might turn out to be a chronic illness that need treatment. If you do not share your concerns, your doctor cannot respond to them either.

Tell Them if You Are Not Satisfied

Be honest. Remember, building a good relationship, not only with your doctor but also with other people, requires honesty. Yes, it is difficult to tell your doctor that you are not happy with the services, but you have to. Doctors are not mind readers; they are professionals, so treat them like so.

Like all relationships, communication and effort between patients and doctors is a two-way street. Patients need to work on their relationships with their doctor just as much as doctors do.

Little Rock Star in the Making: Bedroom Design Ideas for Talented Kids

Service Week May 16, 2014 at 8:33 am

ToddlerDo your kids love The Backyardigans or are they a big fan of Hi-5? If you are thinking about doing a renovation on your child’s bedroom, why not consider creating a room that centres on the theme of music? Do something a little different and beneficial to your child’s development. Kids bedrooms with music themes are a great way to nurture a child’s talent.

Creative thinking can transform your kids’ room from a boring box into a stimulating sanctuary. There are many simple ways to create music-themed kid bedrooms, even for parents with little prior home decorating experience.

Here are some of the things you may want to include:


You do not have to spend money beyond your budget just to have creative furniture. Try painting a bedside table to make it match the feeling of your child’s favourite song. You could even add some details to a headboard to give it the look your kids want. If you cannot get creative with furniture, shop bedroom furniture online. Try looking for something that you can paint or embellish in some way.

Wall treatments

Wall murals are a great way to bring in a creative theme. Bring music into your kid’s room with music notes, wall letters or any other music wall art. Music-themed wallpaper, on the other hand, is a great alternative to plain white walls. They add beauty and fun to any bedroom. These are simple and easy to replace if ever your child get tired of it.


You could get a lot more creative with the décor. Think about placing a small keyboard, stack some recordings, or post posters of bands and musicians. Whether they are ready to play or they are hanging on the wall as decoration, musical instruments are a must. This can express your child’s talent and music inclinations. Consider also bigger statements like an area rug. Sometimes, children want to take to the floor to colour or read books.

Whether your child likes guitar pillowcases or any other bedroom furniture, you can give them a themed room with a little planning and without going over your budget.

Early Detection is Better than Cure

Service Week May 14, 2014 at 6:09 am

water leak detectionThe ancient Romans deserve the credit for bringing plumbing into the world. They ensured easy water access, in and out. The problem is that, like everything else, plumbing can turn faulty in time.

The biggest snag about faulty plumbing is it can be sneaky. Leaks sprout at the most inconvenient times,damaging your home interior and messing up your entire property, along with your finances.

The trick to leak detection is to keep a keen eye out and be able to spot plumbing problems before they can grow into bigger home maintenance issues. If left unchecked, leaks can be costly not only because of needed repairs, but also because of billing issues. You will end up paying for all of that wasted water. It is almost like adding insult to injury.

Here are a few important bits to remember when dealing with faulty plumbing:

Watch out for water leaks

Knowing when a little drip can lead to bigger problems can save you from plumbing woes. Identifying water leaks is the key to prevent getting a big shock later.

Look into plumbing problems early on

Early water leak detection is important, and it is no different in Perth than anywhere else in the world. Procrastinating can only serve to worsen the problem. A quick and foolproof fix should help ease maintenance costs.

A little knowledge can go a long way

It pays to arm yourself with some basic knowledge on plumbing when these faults do occur. Remember though, to avoid the temptation to tackle problems bigger than you are. While DIY repairs are a practical way to resolve issues, some may require extensive work. Leave those complex issues to the professionals.

Turn off appliances promptly

Always remember to shut the water supply as quickly as possible to stop the root of the problem.

Leaks can be hidden right behind your bathroom walls or just beneath your floor. Knowing when something is off can help homeowners keep water billing statements down. While a little plumbing knowledge can indeed help, understand that it is oftentimes better to leave the handiwork to the experts.

The Best Time to Be a Mazda Owner Is Now

Product Review May 13, 2014 at 6:59 am

Mazda carThere are many things going on in the automotive world, but none may please Mazda owners in Toronto more than the recent promotional releases the carmaker did in celebration of its 25th Anniversary. The biggest of these releases is the announcement of an early registration system for the 2015 MX-5 Miata.

The Mazda Legacy

The vehicle isn’t just anticipated for its next generation chassis, it’s also the ceremonial model that encapsulates the 25-year legacy of the company. Early registration started on the 1st of May and ran for 20 days, the company only made a hundred copies of the 25th anniversary edition, and the recipients of the rare vehicle will be picked from the early registers.

The 25th Anniversary celebration extends to far more than rare cars as the company is also providing each car hand selected pistons, connecting rods, and flywheels for a smoother revving engine. The car starts at an MSRP of $32,205, and is a bargain considering the rarity and collectible value of the vehicle.

The Used Market

This is a special time for Mazda and its customers, but how does it affect used Mazda car dealers in Toronto? Anyone who’s familiar with the release schedule of any vehicle will immediately notice that the timing of the announcement is very early. Normally a new vehicle will only start to be available in dealerships from September of the model’s preceding year, with promotions starting around July or August.

The early announcement is in anticipation of a large amount of orders in the 20-day span the vehicle is available for pre-order. With all the perks the new Miata offers, many car owners and collectors will be hard put to sit on their hands when a chance for a once in a lifetime vehicle rolls their way. The sudden influx of orders will also translate into a sudden wave of trade-ins and car sales.

Owners will want to sell their previous vehicles, giving prospective buyers the chance to own a used car as late as a 2013 model year. The only way a used model with a year within the last five production years is available on the market is if there was something wrong with its performance. This may be one of the few times when perfectly dependable slightly used vehicles will be available and Mazda will be enjoying increased sales performances across the board.

The Trouble with Private Security

Service Week May 12, 2014 at 8:04 am

security guardsSecurity has never been a subject of light conversation, but as technology advances and more information disseminated on how to use it, security is at the forefront of every major discussion. People are worried for their homes and businesses, and that police protection may not be enough.

New South Wales is lucky enough to have one of the best police forces in the world to keep the peace. The only problem is, they serve the entire state, and though they try, they can’t serve the needs of each individual household at any time of day.

These are understandable sentiments, which have unfortunately been hi-jacked and taken to extreme lengths to undermine both law enforcement and private security.

Law Enforcement Is Not Enough

This line of reasoning, though, opens the police force to vast scrutiny on their capacity to discharge their duties. According to its proponents, the argument states that law enforcement has grown too small or too weak to tackle the threats of the modern world. It’s a flawed argument, but one that’s gained a disturbing foothold in a fraction of the population.

The reason some establishments choose to hire private security companies is that their services complement those of the police force and ensure round the clock security. Contrary to popular portrayals on drama shows, private security is not at odds with police forces. The police are still the authorities in matters of law enforcement.

Hiring private security companies doesn’t mean that the police are incompetent or short-handed. It’s recognition in a shift of priorities from forming massive armies of police officers, to specialising small teams to be able to handle critical situations with the greatest confidence.

Security Is Aggressive

Hiring private security firms isn’t about giving police powers to people who don’t have it, nor is it about trying to maintain anonymity or secrecy. Most fears regarding private security stem from the misunderstanding that they’re there for more than protection. Private security firms exist to support police forces and expand only the defensive aspect of armed protection.

To be perfectly clear, security companies specialise in surveillance and security personnel services, nothing more than what most would expect from a local shopping mall.

Private security is a good thing that’s been misunderstood for too long. The future of security relies on the effective marriage between private firms and law enforcement, and that can only happen when more people understand the trouble people’s perception causes with each.