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#2Popesaints Makes Its Way To The Internet

Service Week April 29, 2014 at 5:21 am
Image by JohannesPaulII | Wikimedia

Image by JohannesPaulII | Wikimedia

Vatican is breaking new ground for their use of the Internet—a priest danced in a piazza in Rome for a social media campaign video on the canonization of two popes, John Paul II and John XXIII, on Sunday.

Vatican’s Vicariate of Rome live tweeted the historical event under the hashtag #2popesaints.

Different Methods

The #2popesaints is a social media campaign led by Father Stefano Cascio, a priest from the Vicariate of Rome. The campaign aims to appeal to the younger audience.

“We wanted to talk to young people, aged 15 to 30, about these two popes that they don’t know very well or even at all,” Casio said. “The Bibles were written in Greek because it was an international language, the English of the time. We’re following that same path with different methods.”

Two Pope Saints

Thousands of users tweeted the event using the hashtag:

“@kathrynlopez This time’s #2popesaints is much more intimate affair, thanksgiving & joy more palpable than yesterday in the Square”

“@conversiondiary So neat. Our grandkids will ask us about this day. RT @relevantradio What a day! #2PopeSaints #DivineMercy”

“@inthelineofmel It’s weird that there are people who live in a world where nothing big happened today. Saints John and John Paul, pray for us! #2popesaints”

Online Marketing Strategies that will make Your Business Popular Worldwide

Modern Market April 29, 2014 at 12:18 am

using a laptopMore business owners are realising the importance of being present on the digital sphere to boost business. If you want to spread your brand name worldwide, then engaging in online marketing is a must.

Cutting Edge Web Design

Quality website design has a positive impact on business. Don’t base your web design primarily on the preferences of your company. People like web pages that they can navigate easily, so usability is of high importance. Your goal is to provide visitors with a productive and enjoyable experience. Keep your site simple and employ menus, topic-specific pages and headings to get your message across to visitors.

Write Quality Content

Great web design also involves the use of content that is unique and interesting. Develop a blog for your website. Share your experiences and present your products in a proper way. Avoid using duplicate content, as it can negatively affect the ranking of your site on the search engines.

Focus on One Product on Your Homepage

If your store carries a longer list of products than most, it’s strongly recommended that you choose the best selling merchandise and market it online. Make sure to provide good copies so potential consumers will be more interested in buying it. Focusing on one item always translates into higher sales. For your other products, you can always offer them to your clients by using follow-up offers.

Use Hover Ads

Pop ups have been a very efficient online marketing tool for the last few years. Many Internet users hate them, though, so a lot of sites have created blocking software to combat them. Instead of using pop ups, you can just go for hover ads. Hover ads are on the cutting edge of Internet marketing today, as they can avoid the latest pop up blocking tools. They can also boost your sales because they put important information, such as your limited-time promotion and opt-in offer.

You can hire a web design company like Effortless Sites, employ freelance writers to write for you, or spend some cash on advertising, but if you don’t pay attention to what your clients want, your online business will not flourish. Start understanding your market and enjoy an increase in ROI.

You Can Save Your Car from Repossession, Here’s How

Service Week April 25, 2014 at 7:21 am

You missed a few too many car payments, and now the repo man’s about to come knocking. What do you do? Do you hide your car? Do you accept your fate? Of course not! There are plenty of ways to save yourself the indignity of having your car repossessed.


Get a loan

You can pay off your debts and get the repossession guys off your back permanently. How do you do this when you’re strapped for cash, you ask? Simple! Get a loan! There are many kinds, and title loans in Salt Lake City, for example, are especially helpful. Plenty of lenders will loan you the money in exchange for your car title as collateral. It’s that simple!

Modify the loan

If paying off a debt just to open another one isn’t your cup of tea, there are other ways. Talk to your lender and discuss the possibility of modifying the loan. This could range from giving you an extension, to changing the interest rates, to something more manageable on your part. This will take some negotiation skills, so it’s best not to put it off until your car’s about to be repossessed.

Once your loan has been modified, try to abide by the new terms perfectly. This avoids headaches for all parties involved. Ask for a modification you can manage with your current financial capacity. If there is no other way but repossession, consider surrendering your car instead of making it hard for the repo man. This act may even save you from paying repossession fees.

Keep in mind that lenders don’t enjoy repossessing cars. While you have to go without your vehicle, they have to waive their fee and resell a used car at a loss, too. They want you to keep your car; all you have to do is keep up with your payments. Explore multiple options. If you’re in Utah, a title loan is possible. You get to keep your car, lenders get the fee they’re owed, it’s a win-win situation.

Habits You Should Quit to Avoid Back Pain

Health Week April 22, 2014 at 3:30 am

back of the bodyBack pain is a serious physical condition that many people are experiencing. In fact, it’s the second most common reason for physician visits and fifth for hospital admissions in the U.S. It’s the reason many are buying aerial hammock and other fitness tools or equipment to keep them in shape.

According to Todd Sinett, the coauthor of The Truth about Back Pain, it turns out that the habits people do every day is the cause of pain. This is why it’s best to stop the following and save the back from future problems:

Sitting for a Long Time

Many people tend to forget the importance of maintaining a proper sitting posture. Whether you’re working on a deadline or driving a long distance, sitting at a 135-degree angle can reduce the stiffness of the discs in your spine. Avoid slumping, as it can cause back and neck problems. Improper posture can also drain your energy faster because the pressure of your body weight is in one place.

Skipping Exercise Routines

Regardless of how busy you are, you should never skip routines that’ll keep your body moving. Exercise improves body circulation and reduces stress. If you want to promote back pain relief, performing aerial yoga is a good choice. Find certified instructors like those from Christoper Harrion’s AntiGravity Fitness center to help you get started.

Eating Whatever You Want

People who suffer from back pain usually have clogged arteries and other health problems, which is due to the poor circulation of nutrients in the body. Be mindful of what you eat and stop the excessive intake of unhealthy food choices, like processed meat.

These are only some of the habits that you should quit to help your back. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by promoting proper posture, exercising with fitness tools like yoga hammock, and eating healthy. This way, you won’t suffer from pain that can stop you from performing daily tasks.

A West Side Story: Traveling to the West End of Brisbane

Travel Weekly April 15, 2014 at 6:48 am

BrisbaneKnown as Australia’s new world city, Brisbane features urban villages with an array of fine restaurants, cafes, boutiques and art galleries. Its vibrant communities attract tourists from all over the world to shop, dine and explore.

West End is an inner city suburb famous for its eclectic cafes, lounges and shopping centres. Also known as the bohemian hub of Brisbane, the West End is home to a thriving community of artists and performers.

Dine and Party

The only thing difficult to do in Brisbane is choosing which restaurant to visit first. You’ll find many restaurants and lounges in West End, Brisbane offering different specialties. Whether you’re up for a night of Asian cuisine, Mediterranean dishes or Italian food, you’ll find a restaurant that suits your taste. For a relaxing evening with your loved ones, visit cafes and lounges, such as Lychee Lounge, an oriental restaurant serving modern Asian dishes and flavourful cocktails. To experience the fun and exciting nightlife of Brisbane, take a trip to Hi-Fi, one of the liveliest and loudest nightspots in the area.


Apart from trying out the restaurants and cafes of West End Brisbane, don’t forget to check out the suburb’s fashion and shopping district. Take a trip to Hardgrave Road, where you’ll find shops selling exquisite fragrances and bath and body products. Love vintage clothing? West End can take you back to your favourite era with boutiques, such as Box Vintage. When looking for books to give as souvenirs to your friends, head on to Boundary Street for a collection of quirky and interesting paperbacks and hardcovers.

Art and Culture

At West End, you’ll find many galleries featuring the works of local artists. Have fun viewing street installations and checking out different exhibits. You can also visit the Thomas Dixon Centre, where you’ll find the Queensland Ballet, one of the largest groups in the country. Queensland Ballet features classical and contemporary performances that are great for children and the whole family.

When planning a trip to Brisbane, make sure to include West End in your itinerary. Your trip wouldn’t be complete if you don’t experience the vibrant culture of the suburbs.

What’s in a Complete Mouth Reconstruction?

Service Week April 14, 2014 at 9:57 am

dental consultationMany dental problems may need complete mouth reconstruction procedures which can mean paying higher dental expenses.

Depending on the exact oral problem, a complete mouth reconstruction procedure can provide each patient with varying results and prices. Still, Hervey Bay cosmetic dental clinics may offer you a dental plan that can make the procedures less strenuous on your finances.

To help you understand the results of a complete mouth reconstruction procedure, you need to learn about the local dental services they may involve. These dental solutions may include:


Implant procedures may require two dental appointments to replace individual teeth permanently.

During the appointments, the dentist makes gum incisions and drills titanium implants into the jawbone where the teeth are missing. They then stitch the openings and often place temporary bridges or dentures over the gaps.

After several months, the bone fuses with the implants, allowing the dentist to attach the crown and complete the treatment.


Made from ceramic, metal or plastic, bridges replace missing teeth using crowns attached to the teeth on either side of the gaps which a false tooth connects in the centre.


Made from ceramic, metal, or a ceramic-metal combination, crowns are attached to damaged teeth to restore shape and provide protection.

During crown procedures, the dentist may remove enamel from the original tooth to accommodate the treatment better.


Fillings protect teeth with cavities from further damage.

During filling procedures, the dentist removes the damage and then fills the space with a composite or metal amalgam component.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment takes care of problems with the joint that connects the upper and lower jaw using many dental solutions such as mouth guards, jaw exercises, and bite therapies combined with other solutions and even jaw surgeries.

Complete mouth reconstruction procedures may involve a combination of many dental services. Learn about these dental solutions to understand the treatments as well as the prices.

Expanding The Business: Take the World by Phone

Finance Week April 10, 2014 at 5:19 am

Businesswoman writingBusinesses rely on communication more than anything to get the job done. They keep a finger on the pulse to find out what their clients want, investigating what the competition is doing, and exploring new opportunities. Recently, globalisation has been the go-to trend for growth and expansion; you can’t be competitive unless you’re doing business outside your territory.

These are new and exciting times for businesses, especially the ones with the resources to undertake such endeavours. But there are many unique challenges that await adventurous executives that many of them just haven’t dealt with before.

Add to the Arsenal

Businesses can expand into new territories without leaving their base of operations; they can simply collaborate with local companies and work from there. That structure partnered with a powerful telephone system takes most of the time difference and travel out of the equation. Butit doesn’t solve various language barrier problems, as well as incident protection.

In order to do business internationally, companies need to add new weapons to their arsenal, with the arsenal being the speed dial. There are plenty of numbers you can put on speed dial for an international business line, but here are a few suggestions to conduct international business effectively.

Lose Nothing in Translation

Most companies around the world speak English, but don’t rely on that fact when creating a deal or a big contract. The legal wordings of such transactions are difficult enough when dealing with people from across the street, what more if people across oceans are involved?

Getting telephone interpreters on speed dial may sound a bit foppish to some, but consider it as an insurance measure. The people at both ends of the line can rest assured that their intentions are clearly defined and relayed so that misunderstandings are avoided completely.

Get Government Help

Even though many people don’t currently like the positions the government has taken, it doesn’t mean that they can’t help businesses. The non-ministerial UK Trade and Investment department aims to ensure the success of UK based businesses that wish to operate overseas. The department also encourages foreign businesses to look at the UK as a potential investment destination.

Utilising the services of the UK Trade and Investment group, and having them on speed dial on the telephone system can prove useful in building contacts, and government backing in certain situations.

Bringing the company out into the world is a daunting task, but with the right tools, it can be the most exciting step toward a new chapter in the company’s growth.

It’s All in the Mind: CBT Strategies for Weight Loss

Health Week April 8, 2014 at 12:51 am

two overweight womanPeople who make the conscious decision to lose weight usually focus on how they can exercise more and eat less. They enrol in gyms, engage in high-intensity workouts, and stock their fridge with low-calorie foods and Isagenix weight loss supplements. What they tend to ignore, however, is how to approach and manage these changes properly. Important as it is to work out and watch what you eat, it is equally crucial to set proper goals and make long-term lifestyle changes.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which focuses on changing how you act and think about yourself, is an effective treatment for a variety of problems, including weight loss. CBT helps you set realistic goals, increase motivation, control your behaviours, develop coping skills, and improve self-esteem.

Here are some cognitive behavioural strategies that can help you on your weight loss journey.

Goal Setting

When setting short and long-term weight loss goals, it helps to be as specific as possible. Eating fruits instead of cake for dessert, for example, is better than cutting on cholesterol or glucose. Your goals should be realistic, attainable, and measurable. If you plan to walk every morning, determine how long you’re going to tread and for how many days each week.


Self-monitoring is the foundation of cognitive behavioural treatment. By tracking your progress, you’ll be able to notice barriers, identify challenges, and pay attention to physical cues. This helps you figure out if your current weight loss strategies are effective or not. Some of the aspects that you need to monitor on a regular basis include the food you eat, the physical activities you perform, and your weight.

Feedback and Reinforcement

Self-monitoring isn’t enough; you’ll need feedback from external resources to monitor your progress effectively. Having a health care provider regularly check your weight, diet, and physical activity levels will help you know if you’re on the right track.

Losing weight isn’t just about high intensity workouts, eating low-calorie foods, and taking weight-loss supplements. Changing your mindset, setting realistic goals, and implementing steps to reach them are the keys to becoming a better you.


Assessing the Sleep-Friendliness of Your Bedroom

Product Review April 7, 2014 at 6:47 am

having goodnight sleepThe room’s dingy and there’s a weird stench that’s been bothering you the past few nights. Add to that the fact that there’s clutter everywhere. You need not wonder why you can’t get a good night’s sleep.

The bedroom is supposed to be the most accommodating space in any home. It should be a place where relaxation and comfort are easy to achieve. If you your bedroom has become quite the mess, it’s time to reassess its condition and take the necessary action.


Comfort is a crucial element contributing to your quality of sleep. If there’s one thing in your bedroom that should serve as the epitome of comfort, it should be your bed. If you’ve been waking up with a sore back every morning, it might be time to change your mattress. Check for visible signs of wear and tear. Make sure that your new one has enough lumbar support. If you’re going to buy a new bed overlay, go for woollen comforters or duvets, as they help regulate your temperature as you sleep.


Light can be disruptive, so you have to make sure that your room is as dark as possible when you sleep. If your bed is adjacent to the window, by which external night lights can pass through, you might want to put up a curtain or transfer your bed to the other side of the room. If your alarm clock is brightly illuminated, make it face the other side.


Odour has a subtle way of evoking certain moods. When assessing your bedroom using this criterion, think if there are particular scents that help you relax easily. If there’s a peculiar scent in your room, find out where the source is. Assess if the detergent or fabric conditioner used on your beddings help you sleep.


Is there a rock band practising right next door? Do you usually sleep with headphones on, but lately, there are technical interferences with the track you’re listening to? Invest in quality soundproofing accessories if there are constant noises at home or in your neighbourhood. If you’re an audiophile or a music lover who listens to songs and instrumentals for a better sleep, invest in a good sound system or headphones.

Sleep is never a luxury, especially if you arrange your bedroom in a way that makes dozing off easy. Get a woollen duvet or comforter and be your own interior designer if you want to change your bedroom’s environment.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Reveals Set Secrets

Service Week April 4, 2014 at 6:33 am
Image by /Colorinchi | Flickr

Image by Colorinchi | Flickr

The cast of the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” has revealed some secrets about the show’s set fans might not have previously known.

The accuracy

Simon Helberg, who plays the role of engineer slash one-time astronaut Howard Wolowitz, revealed that everything in the set was authentic.

“Being on those sets, seeing the detail and production design – they’re all authentic. Everything is 100% accurate,” he said.

Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler), a real neuroscientist outside the set, said she likes all the nerdy stuff in Sheldon’s apartment, and that one of the books in there is actually one of her textbooks about genetics.

Apparently, even the action figures, artworks, and comic books (mostly from DC, as it is under the company behind TBBT) are all genuine, and the cast has expressed amazement at the detail.

The stairwell

One interesting thing about the apartment is the stairwell. Although the episodes depict it like it covers at least three flights of stairs, there was actually only one.

“Guests are always interested in the stairwell, and that it only goes down about seven steps and there’s a wall there. You’d think they would have given us more room. We really  pack ourselves like sardines to be out of the camera’s view – the Hollywood magic that is never quite as glamorous as one might imagine,” revealed Johnny Galecki, the man behind the experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter.