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Three Useful Things to Know in India

Travel Weekly February 27, 2014 at 5:24 am

Taj Mahal in IndiaIndia is a beautiful country with a rich culture that’s alien to much of the western world, that it has to be seen to be believed. It’s an appealing nation, but if you plan to travel the land, you need to arm yourself with a few things to know before faffing about in the New Delhi streets.

Advance Your Planning

Whenever planning a tour to India, you may need to hike the schedule up an hour or two to compensate for the city’s traffic situation. To say that the vehicle flow in many cities has its own inner logic may be the most accurate way to describe it. You can either speed through a busy highway one day, and get bogged down for hours the next.

Take the Train

Trains are an alternate method of getting around the country, without having to deal with the stress of traffic. Some train lines even offer luxury tours to remote locations for tourists who want to indulge in less renowned activities such as bird watching. But, a good tip to remember whenever boarding trains is to always have identification handy.

Customs agents and local police sometimes board these trains at random stations to conduct inspections. If an officer asks you for an ID, it’s best to be able to whip out your driver’s license instead of rummaging in your bag for your passport.

It’s also advised to never take your passport out, unless you’re already at the airport, so that you won’t lose it. You can live with losing alternate identification cards because you don’t need those to leave the country.

Get In Line

When queuing up at a tourist spot such as the Taj Mahal, you should know that there is a line allocated especially for tourists. Of course, the rates are different, too, but if that can get you into the place faster, why not shell out the extra rupees?

India is a great place to visit with many exotic experiences to offer, but a smart traveller should treat it as any other place in the world. There are rules, and it’s best to keep to them so it won’t disrupt the experience that you meant to have there in the first place.


Metal Spinning Is an Art Form

Tech Week February 26, 2014 at 3:54 am

There’s always some confusion whenever metal spinning is discussed, but most people have a uniform idea of what pottery making looks like, even if they’ve never been to a class. Metal spinning may use different equipment and materials, but the process is relatively the same.

Metal latheSpinning

The process starts with the lathe, which is the machine that rotates the pieces on an axis similar to a rotating table in pottery making. But, the lathe positions its pieces horizontally, because it affords an easier hold while the metal spinner rotates the lathe at high speeds. The position also affords better control over the piece’s final shape and design.

A block is mounted on the lathe’s drive section and a pressure pad clamps a pre-sized metal disc, which serves as the work piece to it. The lathe rotates the block and the work piece at high speeds; lever tools apply pressure onto the piece so that it flows over the block. The block distorts the shape of the piece into the desired form, much like how hands mould clay into pots.

Designs that are more complicated may require multi-piece blocks for the different depression in the final product.

Metal spinning is a technique used to fabricate parts specific to their purpose, parts such as rocket nose cones, urns, musical instruments, and various aeroplane parts are commonly spun to create the best performance from such parts.


Metal spinning is the preferred method of metal part fabrication because welding creates seams in the product. These seams are where two different metal parts connect and are weak points in the product’s integrity. When designing plane parts, manufacturers would understandably want it to be rid of seams.

Seams also affect the sound of brass winds instruments such as the trombone and trumpet; and no one likes to place the remains of their loved ones in an urn with a scar-like gash running along the side.

But, metal spinning isn’t a flawless art. There are instances where pieces can crack or get distorted beyond the design. Entire pieces are scrapped in such cases, as an attempt at repair could only distort the piece even further.

Metal spinning is a highly technical and artistic process, which is why metal spinning requires the skills of experienced artisans and metal spinners to gain favourable results.

Vaccination: Protection from Diseases

Health Week February 24, 2014 at 6:31 am

vaccinationVaccines are some of the safest ways to protect people from serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. Vaccines stop diseases in their tracks before they make a person ill. They rally the forces of the immune system before the battle begins. Vaccines work with the body’s defences to developimmunity against diseases.

Vaccines at Work

Vaccines work by imitating disease agents and stimulating the immune system to build up defences against them. While vaccines cause the immune system to develop a similar response to a real infection, they don’t cause illness. In some cases, however, the imitation infection may cause a minor symptom, like fever. This is normal and should be expected as the body develops immunity.

Protection for the Community

Vaccines can benefit an entire community. When someone is infected, the vaccines alert your immune system to stop you from being contagious or shorten the time you are contagious. This reduces or minimises your chance to infect others. Similarly, if everyone else has been vaccinated, you can get protection from the infection. If enough people are vaccinated, it will be harder for the virus to pass between people who are unvaccinated. This case is called community immunity or herd immunity.

Vaccines Production

Scientists make vaccines through disease-causing bacteria or viruses, but in a form that will never harm people. They use the weakened or partial virus or bacteria that prompt the immune system to develop antibodies against the illness.

Vaccines undergo rigorous safety testing and are monitored for safety. Its production process involves clinical trials to ensure that it is safe to administer. Paid clinical trials are also used to develop new treatments or vaccinations for flu viruses and other new infectious diseases.

Vaccination Efficiency

In many cases, vaccination provides lifelong protection against a disease, but it varies. This depends on the disease that the vaccine protects against, the vaccine itself, and the person who has received the shots. Some vaccines with a high level of protection include MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and typhoid vaccine.

Vaccines are a cost-effective way to prevent sickness and death from threatening diseases. They have led to the greatest public health triumphs as well as the eradication of a few naturally occurring diseases.


Increasing Brand Exposure in the Local Community

Tech Week February 21, 2014 at 5:07 am

a dress shopBrand exposure is highly essential for every business to grow, as its customer base has to expand. Many startups, however, fail to implement multiple strategies to promote their own name, thus creating a vacuum in growth. Some exhaust methods meant for big businesses, which only yield mediocre results for local campaigns.

As a relatively new firm, your focus should be establishing firm ground in the local community. Grassroots marketing should be your catch phrase. Employ these tactics to popularise your brand in your vicinity.

Store efforts

A brick-and-mortar store or a physical address is your main vehicle for the local community to notice you. This will be the closest you can get to your target demographic.

Clear, quality pylon signs in Brisbane offices and establishments coupled with vehicle wraps could already intensify your marketing efforts. Maintaining a store or office with a charming ambience also helps in giving your brand a good name.

Sponsorships and events

Big companies buy ad spots in sporting events because of the massive marketing pull it can give them. You could take a lesson from this advertising effort and localise it, starting with community sporting tournaments and concerts.

If you have a milestone to celebrate and some capital to spend on it, you could also host your event. With careful and proper event planning, you can leverage this occasion to become a vehicle for your business’s growth.

Social media

Many companies simply create their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but this is a wrong social media marketing practice, as you fail to include the “local” factor.

There are many ways to boost local rankings online. For one, you could always add your physical address in all social networks. Accounts in local listings are also a good method, especially when people provide reviews of your products and services. Whenever you post something, you can include hashtags and geotagged information.

It’s important that you have a well-guided marketing campaign when establishing a name in the community. Not all advertising efforts could help you, as you have to cement your spot on the local market before you expand. Keep these simple efforts in mind when promoting your business starting from the grassroots and beyond.


The 3 Types of Dental Implants

Service Week February 18, 2014 at 11:15 pm

a man undergoing a dental procedureFor people who want to replace their missing teeth, Fort Worth dental implants may be an effective long-term solution. Typically made of titanium, these implants provide better structural support and last longer than either bridges or dentures.

Depending on the patient’s jawbone, local dentists may recommend three types of dental implants. These include:

Root Implant

This implant mirrors the size and shape of the patient’s natural tooth. It also often becomes as strong as the original tooth’s root.

When inserting a root implant, the dentist makes an incision in the gum to gain access to the jawbone after administering the anesthesia. Next, they prepare the bone before inserting the implant into the jawbone with care and precision. They then stitch the gums and prescribe appropriate medication if necessary.

During osseointegration or the period of healing the jawbone, which may last up to eight months, the jawbone attaches itself firmly to the implant. Once osseointegration is complete, the patient returns to the dental office, where the dentist fits a replacement dental crown to the implant.

Plate Form Implant

This implant is long and thin and anchors into thin jawbones, making it ideal in situations where the jawbone isn’t wide enough to support a root implant properly.

The insertion process for a plate form implant is the same as for a root implant. In certain cases, the dentist fits this implant immediately with a replacement dental crown without waiting for osseointegration.

Subperiosteal Implant

This implant is ideal in situations where the jawbone has reached the point where it no longer supports a permanent implant. Unlike with other implants, the dentist places this implant on top of the bone and embeds it in the gums, but not in the jawbone.

Before inserting the subperiosteal implant, the dentist applies anesthesia and makes a mold of the mouth and jawbone. From this impression, a dental lab constructs an implant that custom fits the patient’s jaw. The dentist exposes the jawbone and inserts the implant on top of it on the patient’s second visit. Over the next month, the gums grow up and around the implant.

Local dentists may recommend any of these implants depending on your jawbone. Before deciding on an option, consult your dentist to determine which implant is ideal for your specific situation.

Can You Apply for an Auto Loan After Bankruptcy?

Finance Week February 15, 2014 at 6:54 am

Many people believe that filing for bankruptcy means bad credit, so they wonder if they can still get an auto loan. In most states, you can apply if you have been either discharged of your debts or willing to pay high interest rates. Read this short guide if you’re looking for car dealerships assisting those with bad credit:

The Right Time for Auto Loans

Depending on the type of bankruptcy you filed, you can finance a new car after a specific timeframe:

  1. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – After filing, you’ll need to wait until after the court discharges your debt. It takes up to six months to receive an order, but it is effective immediately.
  2. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Filing for an auto loan is possible only after your repayment period, which is usually between three to five years. If you can’t wait for the discharge, you can ask for permission from the court.

man shaking piggy bank

How Auto Loans Can Help Rebuild Your Credit

After finding car dealerships that help with bad credit, make sure to pay your loan regularly. As you continue to pay in full and on time, you increase your credit score. This will help you rebuild your finances, as you can apply for more affordable rates in the future.

Finding a Reliable Auto Loan Lender

Start looking for lenders near your area or at a credit union. If they reject your application, ask if they have suggestions that’ll help with financing a car. Research about the lending companies you plan to work with, as some of them may not be legitimate and could only add to your debts to pay. Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to confirm their company name, address, services, and customer service line.

Bankruptcy doesn’t mean that your finances are limited and can’t afford any type of loan. Look for different resources and you’ll find ways to finance a car and increase your credit score.


Standing For the Future: Goals for the Modern Workplace

Product Review February 14, 2014 at 12:24 am

people inspecting an office spaceA broader understanding of the human body has led to advances in fields such as medicine, sports, and most importantly, office furniture. Ninety per cent of the world’s working population spends most of their lives in offices; for every travel photographer and footballer out there, there are at least a couple of people behind desks, making their work possible.

Office Health

Studies as far back as ten years ago revealed that too much sitting kills people; or at least cause serious health issues. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regular physical activity reduces the risk of many ailments in the body as the constant movement keeps everything ‘on their toes’ as it were.

Normally, when studies such as this come out, a call for renovations of office workstations are in order, but most companies don’t seem willing to make any adjustments to the sitting-all-day status quo. If you’re trapped in such a situation, there are two options available: one, find another line of work, or two, get a standing desk. Anything that can help the millions of people slaving in front of computer screens all day to keep the world spinning is well worth the effort.

Stand Up

Standing desks have been around for a few years, and fit out companies such as The Caretakers can’t keep the things in stock for very long. But, offices around the world are still wary of implementing any kind of office renovation involving standing desks for two very good reasons: cost and logistics.

Getting a standing desk would help employees function better throughout the day, and maybe even their career, but businesses have to remember to keep a tab on the short-term as well. After all, you don’t get to tomorrow without passing today.

What would it cost the company to get standing desks for all its office employees? How sure are they that everyone would like the idea? What can they do if people want to sit while they work after standing for hours? There are adjustable standing desks, but they require maintenance and cost way more than static desks.

In short, it’s going to take a lot more to convince businesses that standing desks are the way to go. Employees should unite; rise up as one for their right to work while they stand, and make the standing desk a standard option for modern offices around the world.

Business Administration: A Degree You Can Count On

Service Week February 11, 2014 at 3:07 am

inside a college classroomAustralia offers many career opportunities, especially for graduates of business administration courses. Degree holders can work in different industries, from accounting, to financial services, tourism, human resources, healthcare, and retail. A survey of global employers suggests that Australia tops the world in salaries paid to Masters of Business Administration graduates, with employers paying an average of $113,100 annually.

Various Job Opportunities

Qualified business administration professionals play an important role in achieving the success of an organisation. They handle the day-to-day business operations and challenges through effective planning and employee development. As most companies are established in business principles, a degree or certificate in business administration from Australian universities, colleges, and institutions like Kirana provides you with various job opportunities in almost all industries.

The positions you’re qualified for depends on your specialisation, though. Some of the most common specialisations include accounting and finance, administration and management, leadership and communication, and advertising and sales. An associate degree can land you a job as an administrative assistant, while a bachelor or masters’ degree may offer managerial positions, such as executive officer, operations supervisor, or corporate communications manager.

Pay and Security

Business administration degree holders have positive, long-term prospects. With solid benefit packages and above-average salaries, graduates can expect a career with an upward trajectory. Most companies look to business administration graduates to fill entry-level programs and positions. As long as companies exist, there will be jobs available for degree holders.

Solid Skill Set

Business administration students learn the fundamentals of running and managing a business. They develop the skills required in establishing, growing, and expanding an enterprise. Colleges and universities prepare graduates to the fast-paced, dynamic global business environment and help them gain a cross-section of marketing, management, and financial expertise.

Most programs, regardless of the specialisation, include courses in business strategy, commerce, finance, operations, information technology, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Students build important skills and abilities considered valuable in any industry: leadership, problem solving, communication skills, teamwork, report writing, numeracy, computer literacy, data analysis, and time management.

Cycling Revolution: Top Devices for Your Two-Wheel Ride

Product Review February 10, 2014 at 4:49 am

men cycling on the roadCycling is back in spectacular fashion. With worsening traffic issues and soaring oil prices these days, it makes sense to just take the training wheels off and go for the best alternative – commuting by bike. Whether for recreation, sport, or daily use, this trend is only just gathering steam, by the looks of it.

With the available technology today, you can still improve your commuting experience. Be it with rugged speakers or GPS navigation systems, you will never look at a bike the same way again. Check out the following devices you can use on your next ride:

Wireless Bike Turn Signal

Whenever you go out for a ride, make sure that you are safe and do not pose risks to other commuters. This is why you should use hand signals whenever possible. Now with a wireless bike turn signal, you can do so more conveniently and safely. Simply tap the direction you’re turning on the controls attached to the handlebar.

GPS Navigation Devices

GPS devices let you explore new alleys or hidden streets and help you make it to work on time. You do not have to buy a new GPS system for your bike, though. Most smartphones come equipped with maps and GPS features. Simply slot in your device to a mounted portable holder and see where the new paths can take you.


Bikers need to be aware of the surroundings when they ride. This is the reason many professionals discourage wearing noise-cancelling earphones or headphones. They cannot react quickly to different situations with divided attention.

But if you still want to listen to music to get you going, there are quality rugged speakers you can use. Mount them on your handlebars, so you can still jam to your favorite artist while on the biking trail. Just make sure they are dust and water-resistant as they are exposed to the elements.

The beauty of using a bike is that there is no one way of riding it. You can do whatever you want with it– whether by adding accessories or adjusting some parts. What is important is that you have a more personal experience with the outdoors. With the advancements in technology, it’s impossible.

Office Redesigns: With Great Offices Come Great Productivity

Service Week February 8, 2014 at 5:36 am

interior designMost jobs typically come with stress –never-ending project deadlines, annoying coworkers, and the responsibility to serve clients and stakeholders. While you can’t change everything about your work, you can reduce the stress and welcome productivity and efficiency with an office redesign.

Regardless of whether you plan for a Google-inspired go-kart track inside your conference room or just a small furniture addition, here’s how you can create a simple yet effective office redesign.

Think ergonomics

You’re not going to be effective and productive if your back is killing you. Let go of that fixed plastic chair and invest in an ergonomic adjustable desk chair. You’ll be sitting at your desk for at least eight hours; make sure that that you’re comfortable and that you don’t strain your muscles.

Make your room look like you’re not at work

When people don’t feel like they’re not at work, they often think of new creative ideas. It also gives them the opportunity to de-stress. Many interior design firms propose open floor plans with a space that feels like home, resulting in a pumped up and comfortable workforce.

Enhance your facilities

Even the most beautifully designed workspace will make you ineffective if you feel restrained to your desk all day long. Make sure you have the space to get up and take a break. Interior designs for commercial spaces are not just about design; they also involve culture, wherein you can take a coffee break, read a book, or walk around for a recharge.

Just avoid the clutter

This is a no-brainer, but keeping your workspace clean will greatly increase your desire to work and finish something. Spend your first hour of each day tidying up. Put unimportant items away, arrange the cables, empty the trash bin, and make your area feel clean and safe. A clean space leads to reduced stress, so you can really focus on completing your daily tasks.

You have total flexibility and control over the setup in your workspace. Do what you think is right to feel as productive and comfortable as possible.