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Archaeologists Find Ancient Spider Rock Art In Egypt

Service Week December 28, 2013 at 5:40 am

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an ancient panel depicting the only known example of spider rock in the entire Old World.

rock art An Unusual Find

 The team of experts has found the rock panel on the west wall of a valley in the Kharga Oasis in Egypt’s western desert. It is now broken into two pieces. The co-director of the North Kharga Oasis survey Project describes the discovery as “an unusual find.”

 The rock art is believed to be dated about 4000 B.C. or earlier. This means the panel is made well into prehistoric times, way before the unification of Egypt.

 ‘Opening of the Mouth’

 The mystery surrounding the find lingers on, as there is not much evidence that Ancient Egyptians had interest on spiders. There’s heavy hint, however, that they have religious significance. “This would combine the force of the sun and the ability of this solar creature to survive its heat successfully, and thus be worthy of reverence or totemic allegiance,”arachnologist Hisham El-Hennawy says.

Treading Familiar Grounds: Proper Ways of Using the Treadmill

Health Week December 27, 2013 at 12:13 am

people using treadmillsFor many health buffs, the treadmill is one common piece of gym equipment. For years, they have been reliable machines both for warm up exercises and for intense cardio regimens. When used correctly, they help users maximize their workout, and produce more desirable results.

Still, there are people who aren’t making the most of the benefits the treadmill machine can give. Due to a number of reasons, like inadequate knowledge on proper usage or lack of focus, they get little or no benefit from their treadmill workouts.

It pays to learn more about using the treadmill to your advantage. Here are some of the things you should observe when using this fitness equipment:

Proper Form Can Mean the Difference

One of the things that make treadmills efficient is that they allow the user to do other things while using the machine. Multitasking, however, can have serious effects on the results. When you are not focused on your workout, watching TV or reading a book for instance, there’s a chance that your form may get affected. Doing other activities sometimes throws your posture off. This means your body form gets into positions not suited for the exercise, putting unnecessary stress on your muscle joints.

What you can do is to stop multitasking every once and a while. Check if you still have the right posture. Avoid slumping and lowering your center of gravity.

Variety Yields Better, Noticeable Results

Some people do the same workout routine and wonder why they don’t make much progress. When it comes to keeping fit, diversifying is important. Don’t settle for the usual process. Try varying the intensity or speed of the exercise. Some effective treadmills feature inclined plane. Make the most of it by varying the angle. Mixing things up will work your muscles in different ways, and will yield better, noticeable results.

Monitor the Stats, but Don’t Rely on Them Too Much

Treadmills come with monitoring tools for heart rate and calories burned. Every treadmill user should consider the statistics they give. This can help you plan your workout and estimate the intensity of your next activity.

Avoid relying on these devices too much, though. While they give near-accurate readings, they only serve as a guide for treadmill users. You still need to see qualified physicians and fitness experts to know which measures to take.

Treadmills can help you stay in shape in many ways. As long as you use them properly, you can make the most of your routine. The next time you step on a good treadmill machine, keep these things in mind to have better results.

Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Union To Tie The Knot

Service Week December 26, 2013 at 6:14 am

The Miami Heat guard proposed to his longtime girlfriend with the help of his sons and nephews. Wade announced the engagement through social media right before attending their team Christmas party.

This will be the second marriage for both Wade and Union, 32 and 41 respectively. No date is set, and no formal announcements have been made other than Gabrielle’s acceptance.

dwayne wadeA Special Night

The couple had been together for several years, and the engagement has only been received with enthusiasm from friends and the Heat management.

Heat general managing partner Micky Arison wrote on Twitter and described the night as “A special evening,” while Adrienne Bosh, wife of teammate Chris Bosh, wrote, “”The @MiamiHEAT Christmas party always brings great traditions and the BEST surprises.”

Wade-Union Family

Wade has played for the Heat since being drafted in 2003 and has claimed three NBA Championships and a Finals MVP trophy during his tenure. Union has starred in movies Bring It On, Think Like A Man, as well as the BET series Being Mary Jane.

Making the Most Out of Your Elliptical Workout

Health Week December 26, 2013 at 2:37 am

workoutWorking out on the elliptical machine is a good cardio option, as it’s easy on the joints and provides great results. This low-impact activity is a popular mainstay in gyms. The only problem is most people don’t use the machine correctly, which means it won’t provide the desired results.

Here are some workout tips to make the most of your elliptical workout.

Go for Quality, Not Quantity

Watching TV isn’t that bad; most gyms have television sets for entertainment and instructional purposes. You might get distracted if you do so, however. Even if you spend an hour on the machine, you still can’t get the results you want. Make every minute count by concentrating on your workout.

Stay Focused

Avoid talking on the phone, reading books or magazines, or even having long conversations with the person next to you. Any distraction will affect your pace and concentration. Stay focused on the elliptical workout you’re doing. Always think about your goals. Stop wasting time and keep your legs and body moving.

Do Your Muscles a Favor

Many people think the faster they move their legs, the better their workout will be. This might be true with other forms of exercises, but not with the elliptical. The machine uses momentum to spin itself. This means the faster you pedal, the easier it will be for your legs. Bump up the resistance so your arms and legs will need to work harder to keep the machine moving. Levels 1 and 2 are common for beginners, but you can go higher as you improve your strength and endurance. You can also adjust the incline to burn more fat and calories.

You can get the most of your elliptical workout if you use it correctly. Follow the tips mentioned above so you can do and achieve better the next time you step into the gym.

The Most Common Potential Problem Areas for Water Leakage

Back2School December 23, 2013 at 2:25 am

roof leakingWhen cold weather approaches, it’s time to give your house’s exterior a once-over to make sure water won’t find its way indoors. While there’s nothing wrong with getting roof repair in Portland, Oregon, it can set you back a few months if it’s not in your budget. To avoid this problem, make sure to check common problem areas, such as:


Many products claim to save homeowners the need to clean their gutters, which is possibly a tedious and even dangerous task. Even though they may buy you some time, they can fail when sediment builds up. With that said, it’s better to give your house a periodic once-over, as roof and gutters aren’t spots you’re likely to keep an eye on otherwise.

An overflowing gutter will send water up and over the edge, and into your home. Even if water just overflows and doesn’t get inside, it can damage other areas in short order. With that said, clean your gutters to prepare for winter.

Foundation and Perimeter

Once you know your gutters will direct water away from your house, inspect the perimeter thoroughly. Look for ways water may enter your foundation. Even if you can’t see an opening, water will find a way in if it pools next to your home. With that said, make sure the grading at the perimeter slopes away from your house.

Roof and Windows

Roof and windows are small sources of water infiltration that can still cause big problems. Most homeowners find out about these leaks only when they see a brown spot on their ceiling or drip through the window header. If you know what to look for, you may catch problem spots before experiencing interior damage.

There are many ways to spot problem areas on your home’s exterior. Before a drip from the ceiling that may require roof repair services in Portland, OR alerts you, look for possible ways it can get into your house.

Effects of Vehicular Accidents on the Victim’s Family

Tech Week December 21, 2013 at 5:47 am

car accidentRoad accidents not only affect the victims, but also the people around them. While those who are actually in the incident are expected to incur physical and psychological injuries, such a traumatic event can change the lives of their loved ones forever.

The needs of car crash victims always have to be the priority, but one shouldn’t disregard the sufferings of their families. In a state like Mississippi where vehicular accident cases are higher than the national statistics, it is advisable to understand what the loved ones go through after the life-changing incident, especially when trying to obtain just compensation.

According to some auto accident lawyers in Mississippi, here are some of the areas that are usually affected by a road crash:


A road collision victim’s family may suffer from graver cases of depression, anxiety attacks, suicidal feelings, and other conditions due to the event. Based on a study, the family often presents more psychological suffering than the victims left with disabilities themselves. This means they have to undergo treatments to cope up with the situation and overcome their worries. The psychological harm some members could suffer may affect their quality of life and other areas of their wellbeing.


Vehicular accidents could have significant social effects on the victim’s family, especially if they can’t afford private care. Members have to divide their time to provide proper care and attention to the victim from their other priorities. This may affect the family members’ other relationships, and impact their lifestyle.


Any car and motorcycle accident lawyer in Mississippi would say that road crashes have economic impacts on the victim’s family, both minor and major collisions. Even if the family has health insurance to pay for the medical expenses, the payment for the premium all came from their pocket. If the victim is a breadwinner, the amount of money the victim could have earned during the recovery period are considered a loss.

Everyone involved suffers in vehicular accidents, not just the victims. This is why it’s important to pursue the right amount of compensation in car crash cases. Some things may be irreversible, but one doesn’t have to endure more pain by not obtaining justice from the unfortunate incident.

Live Tools: Features and Specifications to Look Out For

Product Review December 18, 2013 at 8:23 am

durable live toolsWhen machining operations make a significant investment on a new lathe, whether they’re an OEM or a job shop, they have one purpose in mind. They’re searching for options to modernize and strengthen the manufacturing process. Choosing the appropriate live tools for the job, such as Nakamura Tome, Okuma, Mazak, and Mori Seiki live tools, is essential to make sure the new machines will work efficiently. To make this possible, you need a reliable live tool supplier. They should offer high-performance products that allow more flexibility for huge assignments.

Here are some of the tool features you need to keep in mind during your search:

Required Output

Determine whether what you need is standard ER output or quick-change. See if the live tools meet precision and performance standards, including the needed torque output to complement the machine. Also, check if the tools are designed in accordance to the specifications of the lathe manufacturer.

ER Output

Look for enough flexibility, more advanced machining system, and availability of multifunctional tools for different applications. If flexibility is a requirement, consider tooling with a system that has adapters for different tools without the cost of complete toolholder assemblies for each necessary tool.

Rigid Polygon Drive System

This is needed to prevent alignment problems and power transmission. These systems are well-received, as the live tools remain in place and only the adapter and collet need changing for every new tool. Affordable and less sophisticated systems, however, compromise work accuracy.

Workpiece Materials

Machine shops that manufacture medical and surgical components never compromise on workpiece materials. It’s not recommended to use “lower featured” tool to work titanium and cobalt chromium. When choosing a supplier, always check the source of supply and inventory.

When choosing the right live tooling systems for new or existing lathes, think about your future projects. Do you think your chosen tools can handle long-term assignments? Keep in mind that what seems cost-effective at first may not be for the next machining jobs.


India Starts Debate On Anti-Corruption Bill

Service Week December 18, 2013 at 4:58 am

The Indian parliament has begun debating new tough anti-corruption laws amid a hunger strike by anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare to renew his demands to pass the law.

Hunger strike

indiaThe so-caleed Lokpal bill bestows an independent ombudsman with the power to impeach politicians and civil servants.

The lower house approved the legislation in 2011, but the upper house dismissed amid issues without passing the bill.

A string of corruption scandals has already damaged the government’s reputation.

Hazare’s recent “indefinite” fasting at his village of Ralegan Siddhi is now on its eighth day. He said he would end his hunger strike after the bill was approved into a law.

‘Fight against corruption’

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath said the majority of the parties decided to pass the bill.

The Congress party and the main opposition BJP have said they would support the bill. Leader Rahul Gandhi promised his support, saying it was a “very powerful instrument” in the fight against corruption.

The regional Samajwadi Party, however, has opposed the legislation.

Fish Galore: Exploring Papua New Guinea’s Finest Fishing Destinations

Travel Weekly December 17, 2013 at 5:13 am

fishing destination at Papua New GuineaSportfishing never fails to satisfy travellers looking for a great angling adventure. This recreational activity offers a lot of excitement for both beginners and pro anglers. When it comes to fishing destinations, Papua New Guinea is one of the favourites.

Papua New Guinea is popular for being a culturally diverse country in Oceania, and for its preserved fishing grounds and untouched rivers. Its ever-changing tropical climate adds to the challenge of luring different species. This guide will provide you with information about the hottest fishing destinations in the country. Read and learn before you even plan a sportfishing tour to any of these spots.

The fastest and most convenient way to get there is by plane. Depending on your destination and the package you choose, your travel agency may arrange a flight for you. You can find a good place to stay in any of the sportfishing lodges in your destination. Here are two of the most popular fishing spots you can visit.

Open Bay

Located on the North Coast of West New Britain, Open Bay is a perfect destination for those wanting to experience sportfishing at its best. The place is easily accessible by plane to and from the Hoskins Airport. Open Bay has a lot to offer anglers with its numerous reefs and rivers. It’s home to species, such as the Papuan Black and Spot Tail Bass, Marlin, Sailfish, Queenfish, and Mahi Mahi.

The Bensbach

Anglers regard this river as a fishing paradise due to its water teeming with saratoga, tarpon and the great Barramundi. The densely forested lowlands and the picturesque view of the river will provide a calming effect as you lure and reel in your big catch. Your fishing tour guide will show you the best fishing spots in the area.

Anglers want to experience new things in different fishing destinations. If you’re looking for a great angling adventure, these places in Papua New Guinea are worth visiting. Book your next fishing tour with a reliable travel agency and get ready to explore the country’s finest fishing spots.

The Story of Your Life: Outlining the Contents of the Wedding Album

Service Week December 14, 2013 at 9:25 am

wedding picturesThe wedding album isn’t simply a compilation of photos; it’s the story of one of the most important events in your life. It should look like a storybook that’ll bring back the good old memories when you flip through it years down the road. This is why couples find it necessary to create wedding albums that will retell the story of how they lived happily ever after.

The Preparations

From invitations to images of the groom and bride getting ready, an album should start with a light, good mood. Show how the bride and groom, including their parents and entourage, spent their morning. It could start with a cup of coffee or a friendly conversation with the make-up artist and stylist.

Pre-Wedding Activities

After everyone is dressed up in their lovely gowns and suits, it’s time to go to the venue. Include photos of the arrival, including the wedding vehicle and other shots of the location. Show how everyone is lined up, preparing for the ceremony to start. For a dramatic effect, it’s ideal to include photos of the bride before she walks down the aisle and the groom, who’s waiting for her at the other end.

The Ceremony

Photographers contribute to the wedding album, seeing as they take pictures of everything happening inside the venue. Professional wedding photographers make sure not to miss out on anything, so you can document the entire ceremony properly. This way, you’ll remember everything once you flip through the pages of the album.

Wedding Reception

Dedicate an entire section for the reception, including the food and table decorations. Choose group photos, preferably per table, to avoid duplicates and make sure that everyone is included. The bouquet and garter toss, cake cutting, wedding toast, speeches, and dances are some of the highlights that you should focus on. To end the album, a romantic shot is all you need.

A good, professional wedding album shows all the highlights of the day two lovers became one. It’s among the best events that can happen, so it deserves to stay in your hearts and minds for the rest of time.