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Caring for Inkjet Printer Cartridges: Solutions to Common Problems

Tech Week September 30, 2013 at 6:18 am

compatible ink cartridgesMany people prefer to use inkjet printers to other types of printers for their features. If you’ve been using yours for too long or if you let one sit around for a while, you’re bound to experience problems. Common issues with your printer may involve your ink cartridges.

Here are some tips on caring for your inkjet printer cartridges.

Cartridge Shelf Life

Yes, even cartridges have expiry dates. Don’t overstock printer cartridges. If you don’t use your printer all the time, keeping one black and one coloured, non-clogging, affordable printer ink cartridge may be enough. This way, you have something to use when your current cartridge runs out of ink. Most ink cartridges last for up to six months, depending on usage. Check with the manufacturer for the shelf life of their cartridges. For instance, according to Hewlett Packard, users may override some of their products so they can use them even beyond the expiration date. You may find this information printed or stamped on the box.

Clogged Nozzles

You get clogged printer heads when you haven’t used your printer for weeks. You can clean printer heads manually or automatically through your computer program. Automatic printer cartridge cleaning procedures will depend on the operating system you’re using. For manual cleaning, determine if the printer head is in the cartridge or within your printer. When it’s in the cartridge, remove the cartridge from the printer and soak it overnight in a bowl of hot water or isopropyl alcohol. Dry the cartridge with a paper towel thoroughly the next day. Run the cleaning program and print a test page.

Unrecognised Cartridge

A reasonably priced ink cartridge for printers use copper for the contacts and the trip. Over time, copper may oxidise and block current transfer. In addition, dust and spilled ink may block the contact between the cartridge and the printer. These may lead to the printer not recognising the cartridge. A quick way to solve this problem is to rub the electrical contacts using the eraser of an HB grade or No.2 pencil. Make sure to apply only moderate pressure on the contacts.

Keeping your inkjet cartridge in good condition can help you avoid problems with your printer. When it’s time to replace your cartridge, you can buy affordable ink cartridges for printers from trusted resellers and suppliers.

Home Remodelling: Walls

Service Week September 27, 2013 at 6:26 pm

Japanese wall designThe lifestyles of people today are different from how it was 20 years ago. Before, people put importance on privacy, hence the presence of walled areas in old houses. Now, most people prefer large, open areas to allow more light and create more space for guests. Some homeowners remodel their houses to repartition the space and redesign the entire floor area.

The Need to Remodel

The main reason to go for remodelling is to beautify an area and create a better atmosphere. Sometimes, there is the feeling that the house is too cramped or disorganised. This can persuade you to change the setting.

Nevertheless, you should consider functionality. This is another reason some remodel their homes: to reorganise the floor plan. As with any home improvement, aesthetics and utility should go hand-in-hand. Don’t create areas you won’t use. Perhaps you could merge two rooms into one if you no longer use the space in one or both areas, creating a multi-purpose room. Add walls only if necessary, as a larger space would offer more utility.

Considerations Before Wall Removal

Walls were built for different purposes. For one, these structures act as support for the load of the ceiling and roof. It also defines the boundaries of an area to establish rooms and/or privacy. Walls also provide an area for electrical wiring and water lines. Therefore, it is important to think of the purpose before hammering it down.

If the wall contains wirings, sockets and pipelines, the remodelling effort wouldn’t be as easy as planned. It’ll be necessary to redirect the wires and pipes to other areas, or even choose a different wall to remove.

The same principle applies if the walls bear weight. If the bearing wall carries some weight from the ceiling, could the ceiling withstand the weight without the wall? You can work around this by reducing the weight of the floor above.

Other methods of remodelling such as buying new furniture or reorganising the elements in a room work wonders with wall removal inside the house. Changing wallpapers are also a creative solution in remodelling. It all boils down to your style and the kind of atmosphere you want to exude in your home.

Seeking Expert Advice

To remove walls and define new areas, remember that some walls are tricky to remove or adjust. Removing load bearing walls is difficult, so you might need to consult expert wall removers for the job. Tearing down a wall calls for careful planning and involves different considerations.

For best results, look for professionals who provide wall removal services in Perth.


Ecommerce Web Design: Providing Excellent User Experience

Modern Market September 27, 2013 at 5:59 am

Professional website designerMany people want to set up an eCommerce website, either to support an existing business, or to start a new one. With thousands of websites on the Internet, however, you have to make sure your target market notices your eCommerce site. Your design is an important factor in making your website sell. Good web design helps you reach your online marketing goal. It helps you get people to subscribe to your newsletter, buy your merchandise, or participate in your promos.

When planning an eCommerce design, firms offering web design and development recommend using the latest techniques and trends.

Mobile Responsive Layout

The popularity of Smartphones and tablets made it easier for people to access the Internet wherever they are. According to AccuConference, 25% of Internet users in the United States access the Internet through their mobile phones only. In addition, an average American spends at least half an hour daily to update social networks.

To cater to a wider market and better user experience, think about using a mobile responsive layout for your website. This way, your website can easily adjust to the different screen sizes visitors may use to view your website. When visitors can view your website easily, there’s a higher chance that they will stay longer on your website. The longer they stay, the more chances that they may decide to buy something from you.

Tap to Call or Send an Email Feature

People want to get information quickly. This feature helps your visitors to send an inquiry with just a tap on their Smartphones or tablets. They don’t have to memorize your phone number or email address. Professional web development and design companies can add this feature on your website easily.

Minimalist Design

It’s tempting to put everything you want your visitors to see on one page. As they say, however, less is more. Don’t overwhelm your visitors by giving them too much information at once. Pick out the most important things you want them to know, such as a promo or your website’s FAQ. Make this the focal point of your website.

First impressions are important online. The first few seconds a visitor lands on your page is crucial. This is the time when they decide whether they’d like to look around your website longer or leave. A website design and development company can help you create an eye-catching online presence that offers a great user experience for your visitors.


I Feel It In My Fingers… I Feel It In My Toes

Product Review September 25, 2013 at 6:57 am

Fake Deer HeadChristmas is less than 100 days away. With decorating being one of its most cherished traditions, let your family’s creativity shine as you splurge on giant snowmen, fake stuffed deer, blinking lights, mistletoes and silver beads.

Nature and Greens

Collecting random branches from the yard will give much more meaning to the decorations in your living room. If you don’t have a yard, then go buy some mistletoe and other greens from stores. You also have the option of making swag and add fine accents like pine cones, beads, or feathers, and let it shine with a spray of glitter or fake snow.

Bowls and Baskets

Fill baskets and bowls with Christmas trinkets, such as garlands, greens, pine cones, bulbs, and balls. The best thing is you can let your kids rearrange the items in the bowl. If the kids are old or careful enough, then you can also try adding glassware like vases, cups, and other festive containers.

Ribbons, Fabrics, and Napkins

Don’t you underestimate the fun of fabric folding! Layer tablecloths with old, mismatched napkins in baskets, bowls, tables, windows, and mantles. This makes table setting during the holidays more exciting. You can also add bows for that holiday flair. Try them on candlesticks, doorknobs, and the Christmas tree.

Lights and Candles

If your children light up at the sight of sparkling Christmas lights, then do the liberty of spreading them throughout your home. String them in bedrooms, house plants, in the living room, and even in the kitchen. Just make sure to get the ones that are safe for children to touch. If there are no kids around, then you can try combining Christmas balls and candlesticks on the tree. You can also arrange them in a glass, or tuck them into a tray of cranberries.

A special treat that you can prepare for the children is to let them spread Christmas figures on every available surface, and build a Christmas village. Layer green and white fabrics to create the feel of a snowy base and allow their imaginations to go wild! You can even get fake stuffed deer heads, mount them on your walls, and decorate them like Santa’s reindeers.

The Olympus OM-D E-M5: A Synthesis of the Best Olympus Models

Tech Week September 23, 2013 at 9:03 am

With the introduction of the new Olympus OM-D E-M5, Olympus is harking back to one of its most memorable camera systems: the 35mm SLR OM range. The E-M5 is the first camera in the OM-Digital line-up that’s running alongside the PEN series.

Olympus OM-D

Despite the OM-D’s connection to the 35mm SLR OM range, it isn’t a continuation of the old line. The Olympus OM-D models aren’t SLRs, based around Micro Four Thirds, and OM lens mounts.

Small and well-built, the new Olympus models still embody the spirit of the well-loved old camera line, however. Designed for camera enthusiasts, these models still offer the same functionality and quality present in the 35mm SLR OM range. Despite being the first camera released under the new line-up, the E-M5 is the best and most popular OM-D model.


The E-M5 is the OM-D line’s flagship model. Shortly after its release, it disproved assumptions of it simply being an upgraded E-P3 with a built-in viewfinder. In fact, it became a synthesis of the best parts of recent cameras from Olympus.

The E-M5 echoes the small, photographer-focused camera E-620, which is the best out of the Four Thirds concept. Even though it has greater functionality than the E-5, it still used the previous model’s extensive weather sealing in its magnesium alloy body. This also complimented the weather-sealed M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm 1:3.5-6.3 EZ lens offered by Olympus.

Echoing the OM-4Ti’s looks, the E-M5 also provides a range of external controls, like twin dials that protrude from the front and rear of its narrow plate. This feature offers direct access to the camera’s major shooting functions that most people find lacking in the PEN models.

Considered as the synthesis of the best parts of the best models Olympus has to offer, the E-M5 is truly one of the best cameras in the market today. To know more about it, visit Olympus’ official website or contact local camera stores.

Money Back Guarantee In Carnival Cruise

Travel Weekly September 23, 2013 at 7:21 am

Carnival Cruise Lines is so sure that guests will enjoy their stay with them that it is offering a money back guarantee.

cruiseThe ultimate holiday

They are calling it the Great Vacation Guarantee because it lets guests leave the ship, no questions asked, if they don’t think they’re getting what they paid for. These dissatisfied guests will then be flown home without cost. They would also receive a $100 shipboard credit if they decide to go back and try the cruise again. The passengers, however, need to voice out their discontent within 24 hours of boarding the ship for the money back guarantee to apply.

Why it happened

This new company strategy is due to the series of problems that the Carnival has encountered in the past. These glitches include fire in the engine room, toilets that do not work, and power outage for five days while adrift.

The new Carnival

The cruise line has announced that it will spend around $300 million dollars to improve its line of ships. The money will go to generators and new fire safety technology. The company’s aim is to lure new customers in case they are hesitant about going for a Carnival cruise.

Jim Berra, Carnival’s chief marketing officer, said, “There are a lot of questions, barriers and uncertainties about cruising. We believe this guarantee is a chance to show just how confident we are in our product and also give cruisers more peace of mind in selecting Carnival.”

The Uni Preparation: Living on Your Own Successfully

Service Week September 20, 2013 at 3:03 am

Trusted LettingLeeds is home to top redbrick universities and some of the giants of the higher education system. Many students go there yearly to broaden their horizons. Odds are, if you’re preparing for Uni for the first time, you’ll find it challenging to find a good student housing. The good news is there are professional letting agents in Leeds who can help you find the most suitable property you and a few roommates can share.

Location, Location

There’s an excitement that comes with the prospect of having a place to call your own, even if you decide to share with some mates or fellow students. Don’t make decisions hastily, but assess the physical environment beyond the walls. Spend time looking around the neighbourhood. The letting agents should determine proximity to transit, the Laundromat, the public library and other essential services.

Overall Security

Make sure you’re living in a safe environment. Visit the place at different times of the day. Walk the area alone to know if it’s safe to live in. Check if there are patrols doing rounds, and list emergency numbers to ensure your safety. Assess the overall security of the property. Make sure appliances, fire alarms, and smoke detectors are in excellent condition. Check if all doors and windows have durable locks. Each room should have sufficient and useful plug sockets. Ask the property owner for certificates or other proof showing the property passed safety inspections.

The Right Roommates

Be honest about who you are and your expectations for the home to ensure you’re well-matched with your roommates. Share the space with people you have long-term connections with. For instance, determine the time you need to use the bathroom or study area. Talk about finances to ensure you’re paired with someone who has the integrity to pay the bills each month. Have these conversations in advance and set things straight. It will probably spare you a lot of stress. Discuss your needs with trusted letting agents in Leeds to avoid any issues in the future.

A study conducted by The Student Room and UNITE shows that 72% of current students believe accommodation affects their success at Uni. This means the housing matters, especially when combating feelings of homesickness during your first few weeks. As freshers’ week draws near, visit this website to find housing that’s conducive for studying and is homely at the same time.

It’s All in The Mind: Keeping Your Brain Active and Healthy as You Age

Health Week September 18, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Aging is painful, especially to the mind. The way your brain functioned when you memorized your first nursery rhyme is different from how it works now that you’re worrying about different problems only grownups can understand. Your brain can only hold a limited amount of information, and some memories will not always be what they once were.

Accept it. Your brain ages with you, and chances are you might find yourself in a memory care program someday. Although the probability of this scenario can be likened to that of you winning the lottery or getting caught a plane crash, you need to take preventive measures. Below are some ways to preempt the repercussions aging may bring to your brain.

Never Quit Work

This doesn’t mean that you have to stay at a company for the rest of your life. It means keeping your brain in shape by making it function continuously, and delaying retirement can be one of your best alternatives. No wonder some retired academic professionals keep coming back to teach. When you work, you’re actually challenging yourself to carry out a range of tasks, and this requires the mind to work. If you don’t feel like reviving your career, try exploring other hobbies. The point here is to keep your brain busy.

Pop the Puff

Should you really have to quit something, quit smoking. Different studies show strong associations between smoking and dementia. According to scientists from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital, Finland, people who take smoke than two packs of cigarettes a day during middle age increase the risk of developing dementia.

Surf the Waves of the Web

Older people usually have an aversion to technologies of every sort. Although many have criticized the Internet for polluting the minds of the youth, you cannot deny the fact that it can actually help expand a person’s horizons. The way it can improve your knowledge is as significant as that of books or mind games.

Diseases that affect the functionality of the brain are traitors. If you don’t want to find yourself undergoing a dementia care program, visit or follow these tips and consult with your doctor regularly.

Zanzibar: a Melting Pot of Sand, Sea, and Culture

Travel Weekly September 16, 2013 at 5:41 am

Zanzibar holidays are legendary. This famous travel destination is a crossroads of cultures and a melting pot of influences from India, Africa, and Arabia. Among East Africa’s abundant trading centers, it offers a completely different experience from the mainland, with a complete change of pace set by monsoon winds and the cycles of the moon. Here are a few sights you shouldn’t miss on your next trip to Zanzibar.

Holiday spots

Stone Town

Stone Town is Zanzibar’s soul. It is a major attraction where quaint shops, bazaars, mosques, squares, coral rag houses, and courtyards abound. Wander around and find yourself lost in its magical jumble of cobbled alleyways. Eventually, you’ll find yourself on the seafront or Creek Road. Take a peek at the stunning sea framed by white-sand beaches. Lay back for a minute to relax at any of the quiet spots you’ll find not so far away from the many developed places in Zanzibar.


Some sites, such as verdant Pemba, are riddled with mystery and allure. It’s densely vegetated, hilly, and seldom visited hills are alive with voodoo beliefs, winding creeks along the shoreline, mangrove lined coasts, hidden pristine coves, and emerald hue bays.

Beit el-Ajaib (House of Wonders)

One of the largest structures in Zanzibar, Beit el-Ajaibwas built by Sultan Barghash in 1883. It was rebuilt and resided in by the Sultans and Tanzania’s ruling party after British naval bombardment left it in semi-ruins. Inside, you’ll find exhibits on the dhow culture of the Indian Ocean, 19th-century Zanzibar, and Swahili civilisation. There are also smaller displays of kangas, a printed cotton wraparound worn by women, as well as mtepe, a traditional vessel made without nails, held together only by coconut fibres and wooden pegs.

Darajani Market

The Darajani Market assaults the senses. You’ll experience a whiff of spices and fish, vendors hawking their wares. When you get hungry, pluck a piece of fruit from the neat, brightly colored pile of fruits and vegetables sold by the dozens of shops. The best time to frequent the market is in the early morning, before the heat and the crowd.

Holiday spots in Zanzibar provide a breathtaking escape from the world. Apart from the developed cities thriving in culture, there are beaches with clear, turquoise water, shallow sandbars perfect for wading, and a number of small, nearly deserted islands.

It’s Now or Never: 4 Simple Tips to Save the Ecosystem

Service Week September 13, 2013 at 6:36 pm

Driven by too much greed, we often overlook the importance of conservation and abuse the Earth’s resources. We continue to slouch in that plastic beanbag, drool over those junk foods, and insanely cut trees to develop more, more, more, and more infrastructures. Imagine living in a village full of cars, buildings, and plastic bags. You might think that’s innovation, but they’re just other terms for smoke, flood, and carbon monoxide emissions.

If we continue to abuse natural resources and produce waste at a rapid rate, the home we call Earth might quit on us, causing a major ecosystem collapse, and this is something we don’t want to happen. Regardless of how you live your life, read this article, it’s for your own sake.

Start loving the greeneries

The heat brought by the sun is truly scorching. And that’s not because of natural events happening on Earth, it’s because of us. If you experience blazing heat every summer, that’s because your home has poor insulation or you’re just missing the presence of trees and bushes around your home.

Conduct an energy audit

As a homeowner, you’re probably not familiar with your home’s standard energy rating. This is why conducting an energy assessment is important to make sure your home adheres with energy regulations. Professional raters can recommend the most cost-effective measures to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Light up your life

Replace your lightbulbs with LED lights or just let natural light pass through your windows. Doing these alternatives can produce 80% less power and you’ll be enjoying a cost-effective living for years to come.

Use your appliance in a good way

Your electrical appliances have a massive impact on your energy use. That is why it’s always ideal to look for the best appliance energy ratings for an efficient consumption.

The Earth’s resources are not unlimited. If we continue to squander energy and produce a massive mountain of wastes, nobody can make the Earth’s problem disappear. Start saving now and support green to avoid devastation.