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Articles that Rank High: Starting SEO Marketing with Content

Tech Week August 30, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Search engine marketing this 2013 is full of challenges. Keywords and links alone are not enough to sustain your campaign. The trend before is to look for popular keywords with potential to attract a high amount of relevant traffic. This was also the situation with links. You could link to other sites indiscriminately to push up your rankings then. This changed when Google formulated strict rules for optimizing search results.

The standards for search engine optimization are far stricter these days. There’s more emphasis on creating original and fresh content for all websites striving to rank high on the search engine results. Many sites have seen their rankings go down when the new algorithmic indexing noted the duplicate content on their pages. This impresses the importance in having a background on creating good content that attracts your target audience.

Perform a wide-reaching content campaign in your service area. You need to encourage your local market to interact with you online through your website, social media pages, and other channels. Coordinate with specialists with up-to-date knowledge on search engine optimization in San Diego. Taking this approach will help you learn how to grab the attention of your target audience.

The Push for Original: Claiming Authorship on Your Work

Search engines are now more meticulous in analyzing if websites follow current practices. Google, in particular, requires businesses and organizations to publish high-quality content on their sites. Publishing new and unique content that passes quality standards isn’t enough, however. You’ll also need to make sure your articles have no duplicates on the Internet.

One way you can prevent other sites from copying your content outright is the Author Rank. This allows you to claim all the articles and guest post contributions you have published. The more likes and comments your posts have, the higher they can rank. This can also increase your authority, which can pull your site up the search resultsrankings.

From Content to Other Marketing Fields: Branching Out Your SEO Campaign

Content isn’t the only field that search marketers are focusing on these days. Apart from reading emails, one of the most widespread online habits of today’s consumers is logging on social media. Strengthen your social networking campaigns by sharing relevant content for your customers. Study your target audience to find out how your products and services can meet their needs. This can help you think of different topics that they may find helpful and interesting.

Get to know different ways to engage your audience using content and other techniques for your search engine campaigns. Discuss your current marketing strategy with an SEO company in San Diego. This can help you find out how to optimize your content and rank high on the search results.

A Guide to Perfect Gold Coast Surfing

Service Week August 30, 2013 at 7:48 am

Surfing, regardless if you’re a beginner or an expert, is a fun and exciting activity. The adrenaline rush, the excitement you get from conquering the massive waves, and the engaging heat of the sun make surfing one of the best sports in Australia. But as this sport becomes more popular among people of all ages, it’s also becoming important to everyone to practice safety.

To make your trip and family accommodation in Gold Coast more enjoyable and worthwhile, here are some tips regarding safe surfboarding.

Fit to surf

The ocean knows no boundaries when it comes to surfing. So before you even think of doing your paddle, make sure you have average to strong swimming skills. Even the most experienced surfers in Australia know that the winds, strong current, and massive swell can quickly take everyone by surprise. Therefore, a strong and fit body is the key to safety.

Study the weather

Understand how the weather behaves as this can affect the way you surf. Quick changes in wind strength and direction, and the tide can transform small waves into dangerous ones. Spend time listening to the locals’ advice about the ocean’s condition. This way, you will find out that you’ll learn to stay safe and ride the best waves with the least effort.

Stay Alert

Stay alert at all times. For a sport that looks basic and simple, anything can happen unexpectedly, that is why it requires proper attention. Stay focused, as winds near the shore may swing swiftly, pushing you off your surfboard. Current eddies and riptides may keep you from swimming conveniently, and may result in injuries.

Know your restrictions

As your surfing skills improve, you may want to challenge yourself with bigger and more challenging waves, but you still need to know when they are too much for you. You may need to post up for a while or head to spots where the waves are calmer and softer.

Your Gold Coast holiday accommodation and trip can be more worthwhile if you keep yourself safe at all times. To know more how you can enjoy the beauty of Gold Coast, Visit Surfers Century.

Egypt – Brotherhood And Its Leader Face Somber Prospects

Service Week August 28, 2013 at 2:09 am

Following his arrest, the top leader of Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie looked somber and fatigued, much like the group he leads that is caught in a tough predicament after a deadly crackdown by the interim government and its stunning fall from power.

Brotherhood Decision Backfires

badieIf the Brotherhood had thought that it would play hardball post the ouster of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi, then it is apparent that its decision has backfired. Such is the extent of the crisis that the Brotherhood has got itself into now that it has two very unhappy choices to make- aligning with hard-line groups that would lead to an insurgency they are most likely to lose and going underground in the hope that they can resurface later.

According the Sameh Eid, a former member of the group the days of the Brotherhood are as good as over. Given the animosity they have created on the streets by way of violence there are many allies who are leaving them.’s Reporting Suite: Providing Insights, Empowering People

Tech Week August 27, 2013 at 3:11 am

Reporting of results is just as important as all the other aspects of a digital marketing campaign. It enables you to show your client how successful your strategies are, and most importantly, where its marketing budget all went. Reports also provide insights not just about the campaign but about the client’s business itself as well. If it is running more campaigns or planning to expand or develop new products, the report will give it just the information they need.

White label SEO reports must, thus, be as detailed, comprehensive, and accurate as possible. Other than reporting results, they must also be able to give a clear picture of where the client currently is and where it will be headed to in the next couple of months. A top provider of SEO campaign results is, an industry leader in digital marketing. Looking at the company’s reporting suite will give you a preview just how valuable reporting is not just in marketing but in business development as well.

Results Reporting: Ensuring Transparency

If there’s one word to describe’s reporting suite, it’s “detailed.” The company’s executive summary report provides the campaign results for a specific period of time. The report includes the Ranking Results, Google Analytics, Engagement Summary, and Search Engine Traffic. All data is accurate and arranged in manner that is easily understandable by the client. The report also shows the progression of results, enabling the client to make comparisons from the baseline up to the latest.

Other than being detailed, another noticeable feature of’s reporting suite is its transparency. The company does not hesitate to show keywords with low performance and traffic-generating tactics that are least effective. Such results may be disappointing for the client at first, but essentially, they are necessary in finding out which strategies work and which do not. Negative results are still a form of feedback. Success is not actually measured by hitting all targets across the board, but by how a company was able to achieve its goals in the face of challenges.

Recommendations: Towards Informed Decision-Making’s executive summary report not only provides results, but actually helps a client make informed decisions about its current or succeeding digital marketing campaigns. The information and insights from the report can be used to make the necessary changes to improve existing campaigns. They can also be used to enhance succeeding ones and choose the strategies that best suit the client’s needs.

The ranking results, for instance, enables its client to choose which keywords work best for its brand and how it affects the overall ranking of the client’s website. The Google Analytics report, on the hand, shows whether a client should focus traffic generation on site referrals, search referrals, or direct website visits. The Engagement Summary and Search Engine Traffic show how much traffic was generated at specific days of the week. Client can also compare which days works best, enabling them to optimize their pay per click campaign.

If there’s one thing is proud of, it is the relationship it establishes with its clients. Instead of running campaigns on its own, the company includes the client in every decision making and strategizing process. The digital marketing company wants to make sure the client knows where its budget goes and how a marketing tactic can bring them closer to their goal.

SEO Reseller takes pride in its reporting suite, which features transparency and insights for the benefits of its clients. The digital marketing agency’s reports do more than just provide results – they empower people to make informed decisions about their campaign and their business.

Window Cleaning Techniques: Rope Access over Scaffolding

Service Week August 23, 2013 at 1:05 am

Window cleaning is important for aesthetic and health purposes. Much like other parts of the building, windows can get grimy over time, with their surface and corners prone to becoming a breeding ground for microbes and allergens. Above all, filthiness can make your business look unprofessional, thus leaving a bad impression to guests.

Although window cleaning plays a big role in keeping a property clean and beautiful, it shouldn’t cause a major disturbance to your operations. Most window cleaning companies can provide excellent services, whether they use rope access or scaffolding.

While both methods are acceptable, you can get more benefits from a company that specialises in rope access technique.


Setting up scaffolds is more time-consuming than tying a rope on the roof. Cleaners need an extra time to assemble the metal pipes or tubes and ensure the sturdiness of the structure. It’s always advantageous to go for a company that can finish the job faster.

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas

Professionals using the rope access method can clean areas that are usually difficult to reach. Proper rope work allows them to ascend, descend, and traverse to different levels with ease. Dublin window cleaners can go virtually to any area and access locations without the need for other equipment like aerial work platforms.

Minimal Number of Workers

You only need at least two workers to clean your windows using the rope access technique. They can watch each other’s back at all times and finish the job efficiently. They are highly trained to use refined codes of practice along with effective working system and rescue fellow cleaners when in danger. It requires a significant number of workers, on the other hand, to connect the parts of a scaffold in time.

No Disruption of Everyday Activity

Window cleaning companies specialising in rope access method will create almost no disturbance on your normal activities in the building. As there’s no need to build huge scaffolds, no structure will block your hallways and other areas in the property.

Above all, rope access is less prone to accidents as compared to scaffolding. With only a few tools and equipment involved, it’s easier to ensure safety in this technique than keeping the interdependent parts of scaffolds steady and secure all the time. Surely, going for a company that uses rope access takes away the trouble out of window cleaning.

Homesexuality At Worlds Condemned By Pole Vault Great

Service Week August 22, 2013 at 9:33 am

isinbayevaPole vault gold medalist, Yelena Isinbayeva, speaking at the world championships, has condemned homosexuality, indicating that there is more to come with regards to the anti-gay law passed by Russia for the 2018 Sochi Olympics. The remarks from the ace pole vaulter come in the wake two Swedish athletes supporting gays and lesbians via fingernail rainbow color gestures at the worlds.

Isinbayeva Speak

Isinbayeva, a two-time Olympic champion commented that if Russia allowed gay relations and promoted them on the street, it would spread fear in a nation that considers itself as constituting of ‘standard, normal people’.

Isinbayeva also added that it was wrong on the part of the two Swedish athletes to go against the anti-gay law while competing in the Asian country. She said their act was ‘unrespectful to their country’ and to its citizens.

Russia’s new anti-gay law bans a display of the rainbow flag on the streets or writing about gay relations on social networks, although it does not prevent participation in gay pride parades or promotion of transgender equality online.

How to Mine Your Social Networks

Modern Market August 21, 2013 at 3:02 am

Content marketing is an excellent way to promote your website. The problem is that it’s difficult to make your site popular on the Internet. Creating compelling content isn’t easy. You must come up with ideas that your audience can relate with and respond to. You then need to use these ideas to create engaging content pieces.

Fortunately, you can make this process easier. With the help of digital marketing agencies in Manchester, mine your social networks for content. This cuts back on your total research time and increases the chances of your ideas gaining traction with your audience.

To mine your social networks, follow these steps:

Check Follower Retweets

When creating content marketing pieces, the goal is to offer materials that readers can share with others. This type of viral sharing increases your brand’s reach without needing your direct involvement. This offers you more value for your marketing budget.

If you want to create content pieces that your social followers will want to share, start by looking at what they’re already sharing. Log in to your Twitter account and then find feeds that display their activity. Scroll down the list and open the links to blogs or infographics retweeted by your followers.

Once you’ve opened up a few windows, take note of the subject matters and types of content from each link. Focus on trends that you can get from this information.

Check with Industry Experts

Take note of the posts from industry experts that are gaining the most traction. With the help of digital marketing agencies, identify the authority figures in your particular niche. Once you’ve identified these people, look at their social media profiles. Focus on the relative responses each of their updates receives.

Even though the strength of an industry expert’s following can differ from platform to platform, you can use this process for all major social networks. Regardless of the social network, focus on finding posts that stand out in terms of responses. This can give you an insight into the topics that appeal most to your audience, allowing you to create compelling content pieces.

Social media management is a recommended SEO service for a reason. Social media accounts can be great sources of information for content ideas. Use them to create engaging content and to gain traction with your audience.

The Philippines and Food: A Rich History

Service Week August 19, 2013 at 4:16 am

There’s more to the Filipino food culture than the infamous balut (duck embryo). With more than 7,000 islands, a rich history, and an abundance of seafood, spices, and tropical fruits, the Philippine Archipelago has sprung forth a number of delicious dishes .A fusion of various recipes adopted from earlier traders, former colonizers, and Asian immigrants, you’ll be able to taste a hint of Asian influences molded into the unique Filipino style of cooking. Check out the following distinct flavors of Philippine food.


No compilation of Filipino food would be complete without adobo. An ever-present dish in every household, this popular cooking style is also a practical way to preserve meat. You’ll to find pork, chicken, seafood, and even lamb versions of adobo.


The lechon is a staple during celebrations. A whole pig is roasted over fire. Your mouth will water for the lechon’s crisp, golden-brown skin served with luscious liver sauce. The stomach of a pig is stuffed with peppers, spring onions, laurel leaves, star anise, and lemon grass, giving it a distinctive flavor.


Aling Lucing invented the now popular sisig dish in the 1970s and sold it at a humble stall along the railways in Angeles City, Pampanga, a province just north of Manila. This sizzling dish has a chewy and crunchy texture and is made up of pork’s cheeks, ears, and liver. Serve it with hot sauce and a cold beer for you and your buddies.

Bicol Express

Befitting this tropical land of coconuts and spicy food lovers is the bicol express. This fiery, mouthwatering dish includes chilli, coconut milk stew, and pork.

Fish Kinilaw

Kinilaw features the day’s fresh catch dressed in ginger, palm coconut vinegar, chili, and spices. Every province prepares their fish kinilaw differently. The next time you visit a wet market, ask them to prepare one for you.

There are many more Filipino dishes, including desserts, to try. The best way to sample all of the savory Filipino dishes is to visit various buffet restaurants in the Philippines. These succulent creations are a testament to the ingenuity and impeccable taste of Filipinos.

3 Safety Myths You May be Following Right Now

Product Review August 16, 2013 at 5:14 am

We’ve seen and heard it, and sometimes, they’re on the headlines. Machinery operators, labourers, and trade workers get injured because of improper handling of tools and machineries in a building or construction project. But what do you expect? Construction is one of the dangerous jobs on the planet and even slight mishandling and negligence can result in unfavourable circumstances.

With many complex processes in building and construction, many contractors, electrical testers, and machinery operators are following improper practices. To make you more aware, here are some myths to avoid regarding building and construction safety.

Doing everything slowly can avoid accidents

Even if you do things one at a time, hazards and risks are always present. You tend to ignore these risks especially if you’re working in dynamic workplaces, such as in buildings and construction sites. Keep in mind that what you consider acceptable one day may be completely unacceptable later. There are many hazards in your workplace that remain unnoticed until it’s too late. It’s almost impossible to achieve 100% safety in the workplace, but formulating prevention plans ensures your workplace is free from threats and accidents.

Hiring the right people and following standards can help prevent injuries

Hiring the most capable electrical testers in the UK and adhering to the latest construction and electrical standards are a huge help, but it all goes down to your risk assessment and safety compliance. Professionals can still suffer from injuries if the workplace is full of hazards. Before working with professionals, make sure you cover every situation and identify threats to avoid injuries and accidents.

Safety activities can prevent accidents

Safety trainings and activities can help prepare workplaces for future risks and injuries. Some people, however, often take these for granted, believing that they can easily avoid accidents. Safety is more than just an activity or training. It’s the result after of several actions that help prevents accidents and injuries in the workplace.

As construction involves risks such as electrical, fire, and equipment hazards, engaging in improper practices may result in injuries and accidents. Make your site safe. Work with professionals such as Electrical Testers for an efficient electrical service.

Reconnecting Cable Lines: Rewiring for Electrical Safety

Service Week August 16, 2013 at 2:58 am

Appliances such as refrigerator, television, and washing machines make life at home comfortable and convenient. They, however, need electricity before you can use them. A place with an inefficient electrical system prevents you from doing your chores or from resting comfortably. When this happens, it’s important that you ask for professional assistance from an electrical contractor.

Electrical contractors wire in electrical systems to provide new houses, buildings, and other structures with an efficient and reliable power supply. They can also change the wiring for remodeling or repairs after fires and other calamities. Consult a specialist to help make your wiring function as it should. This way, you can make sure your place gets enough electricity.

Wiring in Electricity to Your House

Damaged electric cables can make it dangerous to use your appliances. Leaving them alone instead of getting them repaired immediately can expose you to unnecessary electrical troubles. To solve your problem, electricians will inspect the damage before installing new cables. They will then perform standardized wiring methods to make your place operational again.

Fitting new cables can be challenging, especially if turns out your place needs complete rewiring. Electricians will use a cable reel holder and roller to make it easier to put in new wiring. With a reel holder, there won’t be any heavy lifting, as the technicians will just pull the cable wrapped around the holder. A roller will then enable technicians to haul the holder around, which allows for safer and more convenient wiring.

Electrical Safety Rules to Follow

Before rewiring starts, the electrical contractor reviews the blueprints of your house or establishment. This allows the contractor to locate all electrical panels, circuit breakers, switches, and outlets which need rewiring. Technicians will need to double-check each wiring path to ensure safety. They should follow building codes for reliable power distribution in the household or workplace.

Look for licensed contractors who keep up with the latest electrical efficiency and safety guidelines. Find out more about their practices regarding wiring and see if they use a cable reel stand and other pieces of safety equipment. This way, you can ensure the protection and well-being of technicians on the jobsite.